Daily Archives: September 20, 2013

Day 3: 12th and Porter

Nashville, TN

Proving our mettle

Sometimes people worry about playing a mixed genre show. Not us.
Last night was the first night of a mini run with aggro rockers Taproot and Righteous Vendetta. I think it could be solidly argued that Man on Earth is not an aggro outfit. (And Johnnie Cochran is dead, so no one will be taking that case!) Nonetheless, as the first riff of the opening song came blazing through the amps, it was established that we belonged on the bill.
The day started off in typical tour fashion, wake up at a Walmart, drive, stop at a Planet Fitness, then head over toward the venue. Being that we were playing as part of a national tour package, load in and sound check were pretty early.
12th and Porter recently upgraded their lighting system, (an amazing setup I might add) and they require you retain a degree to use their system, so I was pressed in to filmography. Between the energy that the band was exuding and the amazing lighting system, I was able to capture some pretty decent footage… With any luck, some of the footage will be released in some form
We had a decent crowd, filled with some old friends and we made plenty of new ones too. One of the highlights of the night for sure was the two girls who were standing front row, singing all the words to the songs, even some of the yet unreleased ones…. And it was their first time seeing us! (YouTube, they claim… Haha)
Nashville, we’ll be back for you November 7th…. Cant wait to see y’all again then!