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There’s somethin’ alive in here!!!

Day 9: Red Eyed Fly
Austin, TX

If Austin figured out a way to lower its average temperature by like 20 degrees, I might be tempted to move there. Good food, friendly people, and a thriving music scene make Austin one of my favorite US cities. The unbearable heat on the other hand, does make it loose a few notches in my top 10… (If you ask the locals, we’re just a bunch of ‘pansy ass Yankees’, and ‘the 95° Texas scorcher we’re complaining about ain’t nothin’ compared to the 110°+ days of summer…’)
This was our first time playing Austin when the SXSW wasn’t going on. While the streets weren’t blocked off and packed with thousands of people, there was still quite a bit of wandering foot traffic for a Wednesday night, and the people that we stopped and talked to while out doing street promo were very conversational, many wanting details not only about the music, but also about who we were as individuals. Up north we don’t get that very often, strangers taking a personal interest in our lives. It’s refreshing, and it brings your own mind into a better state. It’s no longer faceless individuals just taking flyers, it becomes talking to potential friends about possibly coming to our party. There was a good crowd for a midweek show, and when the final numbers for the evening came through, the amount of people marked down as there to see us was far more than any of us expected! After the show, we went to a hotel (a chain hotel, without a number in the title) to rest up so we could wake up and have our electrical system on the bus diagnosed. We must have booked a hotel on the wrong side of I-35 because as we pulled in we saw a pimp putting his girls to work at the next hotel over, police at another, and upon opening the door to our room we realized that the moving floor wasn’t heat delirium…. So, we promptly got ourselves a refund, and found a trusty Walmart parking lot with a building that would cast a westerly shadow so we didn’t all spontaneously combust upon sunrise…..