Daily Archives: September 28, 2013


Day 10: Bryan St. Tavern
Dallas, TX

The day started off still in Austin, with us looking for a mechanic to check out our bus’s electrical system. We found an alternator specialist and after a diagnostic we were told that we needed to either rebuild or replace the alternator. Opting for the new one, the shop did the swap and we were on our way.
For the first time since Biloxi we had full ac, and for the first time in a very long time the bus was producing a proper amount of energy. Things seemed to be solved!
We made our way to Dallas, comfortably cruising, impervious to the Texas heat. We pulled in to the club, well, pub, around 5:30. The Bryan St. Tavern is a truly awesome sports bar. Six different environments are available to you as you watch whatever sport is on the televisions. There is a lounge area, with couches, for that at home feel, the sit down restaurant area, the bar, the pool hall, the rock room with the stage, and the outdoor picnic area, complete with Cornhole. Each area has plenty of televisions, streaming various games. There was a decent dinner crowd there already, and Thursday Night Football helped bring out a drinking crowd.
Stevie G’s Dad surprised everyone with an unannounced visit, as his road trip vacation caught up to our tour in Dallas.
The guys played a double set, as is common at a lot of the restaurant gigs we do. I always like those nights, because it gives me a chance to hear something different. (Although not “Something Better”, because a certain drummer won’t play it… Grr)
After load out we headed out to find a friendly neighborhood Walmart parking lot so we could rest up before heading to Oklahoma. On the highway, our bus started having some of the same issues we had been having. Apparently our troubles weren’t over….