Daily Archives: October 4, 2013

Head out on the highway…

Day 17: Drive day

That about sums it up. We spent the day marathon driving back to NYC for the Friday show. While it would have been nice to have a show last night and not have to drive all day, I think everyone enjoyed having a little breather before the hometown show. We got back to New York around 9, and everyone went to their respective homes. See y’all tonight at Webster Hall Studio!

Present, Presence, and Persona

Day 16: Stanley’s Pub
Cincinnati, OH

There’s a marked difference in the persona of crowd depending on the type of venue we are playing. Coffee houses (which typically have us play an acoustic set) tend to be the quiet polite crowd, with attentive listeners who have muted claps. Restaurant gigs often bring out the casual listener, the people that prefer the music as a background soundtrack to their dinner. Bars and pubs attract a rowdier crowd, with actions and reactions accentuated by the booze coursing through their veins. The rock club vibe tends to be the most diverse, encapsulating all the possible avenues of listeners.
The pub last night embodied the classic pub crowd stereotype, brash, vulgar, inebriated… but awesome at the same time. (Not so sure about the annoying drunk that tried to let wherewithal fly free, and when stopped {before someone had to knock him out} he said, “What, you’ve never been to prison?”) The bartenders were seasoned vets in dealing with the regulars, exuding the proper amount of playful sarcasm, yet maintaining a stern repertoire of authority laced crowd controlling dialogue.
In my mind, Cincinnati ends the first leg of our fall tour. Friday night we’re back at Webster Hall Studio, followed by a northeast leg starting Monday. It’ll be good to do a home region circuit mid-tour. I feel it’s going to bring a dynamic to those shows that we haven’t been able to have in our region yet, as we usually begin or end in the northeast. This way, we are at peak, muscles stretched and ready to run. See y’all New Englanders in a few days!