Daily Archives: October 10, 2013

Singin’ these songs….

Day 22: El ‘N’ Gee Club
New London, CT

Sometimes, no matter how hard you promote, you just might have an empty show. New London, CT had a few things stacked against us. It was a new market for us. It was a Tuesday night. The club had no natural draw. And one of the locals dropped off at the last moment.
The handful of people that showed up (including long time friends and amazing supporters Krystle and Lizz) got a unique show. Lots of stage banter and some personalized improvised lyrics peppered the extended set.
After the show we decided to spend the night in the nearby casino parking lot. We went inside to capitalize on the free drinks and have a little bit of down time.
The casino was running a special that when you signed up for their member card they gave you 100 free dollars in slot play. While you weren’t able to cash out that 100, you were able to take out anything that you won. We all walked out with a little of the casino’s money in our pockets and headed to bed, set to head up to Maine the next morning.