Daily Archives: October 12, 2013

Picture from the Maine beach photo shoot.

It’s in the photograph…

Days 23 & 24: Flask Lounge
Portland, ME
And Ogunquit Photo Shoot

We were up pretty late at the casino the night before, so we had a slow start to the morning. We went to breakfast at a diner to aid in the waking up process. Having worked in a diner, I’m convinced that 50% of the reason they exist is as a recover zone serving the best of classic comfort foods.
After regaining a bit of our humanity, we headed off to Maine.
I think the coolest thing about the club we played in Portland was that there was a 60” TV that we were able to tap into, instead of using our projector. Seeing the background videos on a huge hi-def screen was like watching them again for the first time.
We stayed in Portland after the show, with the objective being to wake up in the morning and find a place to have a band photo shoot. We located a footpath that snaked along the ocean in Oginquit, ME, and headed down to take some pictures.
On the road I have an arsenal of hats. I help tour manage, I’m the lighting director, videographer, stagehand, tech, Merch person, sometimes run sound, and of course, I’m the resident band photographer.
Being on the road so much has given me the opportunity to hone all these things into viable skills. The broad diversity of it reminds me of how I learned the work I do in the construction trades growing up. In small town New England it is very hard to make a living doing just one of the trades 100% of the time. As such, I learned all aspects of construction, from foundation to finish. This has allowed me to stay busy over the years, and retain my employability even in the tough economy. In the same way, the stuff that I’ve picked up while touring will allow me to stay relevant within the music industry.
After the shoot we all went to dinner together before jumping on the highway to head to the next gig, in my hometown. I’ll post the picture that made the band portfolio below.