Daily Archives: October 17, 2013

Light my fire

Day 26: Bogies
Albany, NY

Being on the road seems to be the fuel to my creative fire. When I’m stuck in one area for too long, my drive for writing seems to drop down a few gears, and hence the blog is yet again behind. I think if I’m ever meant to finish my novel, that I’m going to have to go on a sojourn to be able to actually complete it! (Add to it the fact that I’ve been sick, and that motivation meter bottoms right out.)
Albany is only an hour or so from Great Barrington, so we had brunch with Roots girlfriend Renee’s family before hitting the road.
When we got to Albany we were surprised by Roots parents, who decided to dive down from Vermont for the show. It is always a pleasure to see them, and that day was no different!
Stevie, Nate, and Mochello decided to take the Chinatown bus back to NYC after the show for the two days we had off so we had to leave right after our set. As a policy, we hate being that band who leaves right away, but this time it was unavoidable.
We packed up fast and made our way to the bus station to drop those guys off, and Root, Renee, and I headed back to spend our weekends in the Berkshires.

It’s in us now it’s who we were

Day 25: Fiori
Great Barrington, MA

Hometown shows are always fun. This one was a little different, being that it was my hometown as opposed to one of the guys hometowns.
We rolled into G.B. Thursday night, early enough for me to take the guys out and show them where they would be playing the next night, and with plenty of time for some good old fashioned New England networking and promotion. We hit up one of the local spots, and the guys made some friends in the typical pub way. By the end of the night, an extremely drunk guy tried to start a fight with Mochello, (Root was quick to put an end to any idea of a scuffle) and thus was born the first Man on Earth Great Barrington Story.
After breakfast the next day, we spent the afternoon doing various forms of office work, and I went and met with Down County, (my pet project from Great Barrington… Check them out!)
When we got to the venue for load in, (which is actually a restaurant that removes all the seating for show set up) there was a private party still going on in the main room. We had
to wait for the room to clear before we could set up, so it pushed us way later than originally planned. By the time the party filtered out and our crowd started to fill the room it became very apparent that it was going to be a good show.
When we told the owner that we were expecting a packed house, but being that it was a October evening I’m honestly not sure they thought we’d deliver.
On their own, Down County packs a room in Great Barrington. Add on top of that Man on Earth’s local draw, and suddenly an October Friday night in the southern Berkshires becomes a fun night.
Both bands brought it hard, and by the end of the night I felt a personal sense of accomplishment. Having the two main bands that I’m working with sharing the stage at a successful gig was pretty awesome. Plus being in my hometown and having my Mom and little sister finally be able to come to a show, well, it just made my night!