Daily Archives: October 23, 2013

The road to Rhode Island

Day 31: Cats at K.C.’s Tap
Pawtucket, RI

I hooked back up with the band at the venue in Rhode Island after having to miss the Worcester show because of a job that I’m trying to finish.
I actually spent the morning in the ER, having woken up with a stabbing pain in my ear. It turned out I had a good old fashioned ear infection. So, antibiotics in hand, and head throbbing, I headed off to the show.
The venue had an odd feel to it. I came in through the load in door which opened into a decent sized room with a good sized stage. Stickers from Metal bands plastered various surfaces and stainless steel diamond plates wrapped the outside corners of the wall. The room had a hard core scene feel to it for sure. Oh, and there was no bar in sight.
After everything was set up I explored a bit and found out that there was an entirely different room, with a bar, dart boards, and some people already chillin out.
It was Down County’s last show on this run with us, and it was great to see them enact all the things that they learned from their last gig with us, and they put on a great show!
After the show and goodbyes, we set out towards Waterbury, CT, a gig that seemed as if it was a shoe-in to be a packed night.
Still feeling like my head was about to explode, I took some NyQuil an drifted off in to some much needed sleep.