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Everybody’s gonna move their feet

Day 39: Hard Rock Cafe
Detroit, MI

Detroit has gotten a bad rep in the country because, well, I’m not going to make excuses for it, it’s an earned reputation. It’s a rough and tumble city, subject to lots of financial hardships due to the the up and down auto industry, among many other factors.
The thing that strikes me about Detroit though, is the underlying positivity that exist among the people that we’ve encountered there. Everyone, from our tour sponsor Motor Energy Drink, the fans, the waitstaff at the clubs…. The forward outlook they have is downright inspiring.
We started our day by finishing off our drive, making a quick pit stop so Stevie G could see his niece, pulling into Detroit in the late afternoon. Along the way, Nate and I decided the next 24 hours would be a prime time to film a documentary chronicling a day in our lives. (Part of the reason I’m a day behind again on the blog…)
I spent the night as cameraman, videoing all the things that happen behind the scenes of a rock n roll show. The load in, eating dinner, waiting to play, the show, and the load out, etc. In the next few days we hope to be editing and have y’all a finished product very soon.
Detroit is the home city of Motor Energy Drink, so Gianni, his wife and their friends showed up, which is always a recipe for an amazing night. Motor Energy is a huge supporter of ours, and it is always a pleasure to hang with them. (By the way, they just got their online store set up for individual orders, so hit them up at www.motorenergydrinks.com In my opinion as a energy drink consumer, it tastes better than the competitors… And that IS an honest opinion, not just a sales pitch!)
Playing Hard Rock Cafe’s if always fun. The waitstaff is always pleasant, and the crowd that sticks around for the show is always a receptive one. We picked up the gig only a week ago, so we were added onto an existing bill which was a Halloween breast cancer research benefit show, featuring musicians from the above office building, most of whom were costumed up, one of the most memorable being Count Dracula playing a Chapman Stick.
After the show during load out one of the waitstaff approached Nate, saying that he felt that Man on Earth’s music had an incredibly positive message that was exactly what the people of Detroit needed, and that it resonated with him in a way that left him feeling up built, and that the bands music belonged there in the city. Hearing such a compliment left a great vibe on the bus as we pulled away, putting some miles behind us as we headed to Chicago.

Back in the saddle again

Days 33-38
Mid-tour break & drive day

Here is my promised short blog…. Well, maybe not as short as I originally thought…..
We had four days off, in which everyone went their respective ways. I went back to the Berkshires, and the guys went to the city.
I spent my time off finally completing the bench project that I was working on. (If you care to see the finished product, hit me up on twitter, @stevejmichaels)
We reconvened in NYC on Wednesday, and honestly it felt as if we were starting tour all over. The first day back together was a drive day, so getting back into the swing of the daily routine didn’t happen right away. Well, with the amount that we’re on the road it’s not that it really takes much to get back in to it, it’s just it after a few days off the energy that had accumulated up has to be built up again.
On the drive, we saw our first snow flurries of the season somewhere in western Pennsylvania. I personally am not looking forward to the snow…
We stopped for the night just outside Ohio, with our sights set on Detroit for the morning…