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We can work it out

Day 41: New Moon Cafe
Oshkosh, WI

This was our first trip to Wisconsin, and given the way things went I’m pretty sure it won’t be our last.
Our day began still in Chicago, with Nate, Mochello, and I having spent the night on the bus, and Root and Stevie G at Root’s friends place.
The bus crew met up with Gail and Ben for some IHOP, said our goodbyes, headed to planet fitness, then over to pick up the other guys, and finally on the road to Oshkosh.
The ride up through Wisconsin was uneventful, and upon pulling into town we couldn’t help but notice that Oshkosh looked like it hadn’t aged since 1940. (Ironically, someone told us that night that the Johnny Depp movie Public Enemies was filmed there, which was set in the ‘30’s)
New Moon Cafe is a coffee house restaurant with an odd shaped stage. It is only about four feet deep but twenty feet wide. We had to bring in the drum carpet for Nate to stand on in order to balance out the stage plot.
Once we had that figured out, the manager came up to us and told us that the owner had double booked the night, and that there were now 5 bands there to play, oh, and the place closed at 11 sharp.
We talked amongst the other bands and decided to all just do short sets so that everyone had a chance to play.
There was a group of about 20 teens that were rocking out when the guys were playing that all signed the mailing list on their way out the door. (Wisconsin kids seem to roll in packs and love to rage at rock shows. When we were on our spring tour in Memphis, TN a flock of 80 Wisconsin kids crashed our Hard Rock Cafe show, helping us surpass that Hard Rocks Monday night attendance record)
After a few interesting bands, including one very drunk one, we loaded out and headed to the Wisconsin Dells for the night.