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Twist n Shout

Days 42-43
The Road to Minnesota

We left Oshkosh right after the show at New Moon cafe and headed to Wisconsin Dells, a tourist destination along the Wisconsin River, populated by casinos and theme parks. We slept that night in a casino parking lot, waking up in time for Root, Stevie G and I to hang in the on site sports bar for NFL Sunday. We actually spent all day there, watching 3 full games. The late game was a Green Bay game, so the bar filled up with quite a number of Packers fans. During that game the bar did a free to enter prize giveaway, with the grand prize being Monday Night Football tickets. Root won a casino dice cup, which he gave to another patron that was ogling it.
Nate and Mochello spent their day playing blackjack and other games at the casino, with naps interjected throughout the day. We stayed the night in the same parking lot, woke up, got breakfast, then headed toward Minneapolis.
Along the way we stopped at the Forevertron, the world’s largest scrap metal sculpture. It’s a difficult place to explain the sculpture in words, suffice to say it looks like a cityscape from the Dreamworks animated film Robots. Built in the 1980’s, the sculpture incorporates some of Thomas Edison’s inventions from the late 1800’s, pieces of early power plants, lightning rods, and even the decontamination chamber from the Apollo 11 spacecraft. If you ever find yourself in southern Wisconsin, put stopping there on your to do list!
Continuing our drive, we arrived in the Twin Cities around 7pm. Our first stop a Planet Fitness to wash off the stale air of the casino. The next was the Mall of America, the United States’ largest shopping mall. In the mall’s center is a mini indoor theme park. Don’t get me wrong, when I say ‘mini’ I don’t mean a kiddie coaster and a carousel. There are full sized roller coasters, a log ride, bumper cars, and plenty of things that twist, twirl, and hurdle you in to what seems like controlled impending doom.
We went on two of the coasters, one that spun the cart as it bulleted along the track, the other took you 75 feet straight up, crested the top a mere 6 feet from a glass ceiling, then plummeted straight toward the ground before rocketing through a series of loops, turns, and corkscrews.
We had dinner in the food court, then took off to find a Walmart to park in for the night. Root and I got a Redbox movie to watch before bed. (We watched the new Will Smith scifi movie… Not his best, but not too bad) After the we all hit the hay, as the next day was meant to be a busy day.