Daily Archives: November 2, 2013

The day the music died

Day 46: The Vaudeville Mews
Des Moines, IA

I spent 5 minutes today trying to remember what we did yesterday morning. Not because of a rough night or anything. It was actually was merely the blending of the days together catching up to me. It’s very ‘Groundhog Day’ish.
Once the brain fog lifted and the gears started turning again, I was able to backtrack our last 24 hours.
The brutal honesty of it is that I’m glad that we didn’t choose those 24 hours as the ones to film our ‘day in the life of’ documentary. If the day was a photograph, it would be a stock image of a Lima bean.
Probably the most interesting thing that happened yesterday was that we drove past Clear Lake, Iowa, the sight of the infamous 1959 plane crash that took the lives of the young and talented Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and The Big Bopper, along with the planes pilot.
Whenever we pass by places that are registered as points of interest I have the tendency of hitting Wikipedia and researching events and topics surrounding whatever place we’re passing by. The interesting thing that I learned about the plane crash was that Buddy Holly’s bride of six months was two weeks pregnant and found out about her husbands death on the television, causing her to plunge into such a distressed state that she miscarried her child. This caused a new national protocol to be adopted among the emergency response community of not releasing names to the media until the next of kin was notified.
We arrived in Des Moines in time for a shower and a trip to Guitar Center, then off to the club.
The club reminded me of a smaller version of Westchester, PA’s The Note. The club was a long narrow room, with dim lights and an upper balcony. They had two shows booked that night, and being the early one, we were packed up and out of there by 9:30.
Because the Des Moines show was Halloween night, the guys shaved their faced in to semblances of a Fu Manchu, as a nod to mine. (The thing is, they only decide this 4 days before, so there wasn’t proper time to grow epically stunning staches. A valiant effort, nonetheless!)
After the show, we headed straight for Omaha. After some misdirection from google maps as to where a Walmart was, (the pin directed us dap smack in to the center of a residential neighborhood) we found our way to the par king lot of what had to be the biggest Walmart I’ve ever seen!