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You can’t always get what you want

Day 49: The Boobie Trap
Topeka, KS

All Root and I wanted to do was watch the Patriots play some football.
We arrived in Topeka early in the day, so being Sunday, Root and I set out to find a place to watch the New England game. We found a Starbucks inside of a grocery store that had the game on, got some soup, and sat down to enjoy the game.
Shortly after we sat down the older man next to us tried to start a conversation up about how a local hospital illegally cut off his foot. We politely listened then continued watching the game. Next, out of nowhere, a guy in his mid twenties sits at our table asking if we minded if he smoked. Root and I looked each other quizzically, because we were inside of a market. We reminded the kid of this, and he seemed genuinely surprised at that fact. Truth is, I think the guy was cracked out, or high on meth or something. He started talking to himself, in a way that it seemed like he wanted us to join in his soliloquies. When that kid finally left we thought we were finally going to have some peace and quiet. After all, we just wanted to watch some football.
During the time we were drilling with the crackhead the old guy next to us had been trying to tell everyone in the dining area about his troubles. The pinnacle of it all though, was when he got a phone call and started telling the person on the other end that God whispers into his ear every day and one day he was supposed to go to bed, wrap his stump in clean linen cloths and he would wake up with a new foot. I thought perhaps he had fallen asleep with a bible audio book on, because I’m pretty sure I remember that bible story verbatim. His loud conversation droned on and on, and when I turned up the tv, he just talked louder. Then the crackhead came back. Both being fed up, Root and I decided to leave even though the game wasn’t finished. Topeka has some strange people. Sometimes you just can’t do something as simple as watch a football game.
While we were inside, Mochello took the bus to Walmart because his tv crapped out. He picked up a new tv, and while there he invited the sales clerk to the show. They headed back, picked us up, and we headed to the club.
The venue was a little scary from the outside. The building looked as if it could be someone’s house, however the windows were blocked up. Broken glass littered the parking lot. The front door was plastered with signs saying the entrance was out back, which was a gated patio with a graffiti tagged door as the entrance. Inside, though, was like a typical rock club. A dark hallway led to a bar area with a stage, and an upper area with pool tables. The club owner was an awesome guy, very supportive of traveling musicians. And Mochello’s tv salesman showed up with his wife. (Maybe the tv breaking had it’s benefits!)
After the show, we headed to Kansas City, where there was a 24 hour Planet Fitness, as we hadn’t had access to one the day before. Late night showers, then sleep to the sound of raindrops on the bus’s roof.