Daily Archives: November 10, 2013

All of the lights

Day 53: Center Stage
Nashville, TN

Memphis and Nashville are relatively close to each other, so we had a nice ‘no rush’ day. The Planet Fitness that has become our regular Nashville stop is right next to a giant thrift shop, so once I was all showered I went perusing through their extensive racks of used books. I found a copy of a book that I used to own that is written by my favorite authors, then headed to hang with Nate and read a bit while he did some work in the Planet Fitness lobby, capitalizing on their wifi.
The manager looked slightly perturbed that we were exercising our brain muscles instead of our biceps, especially when we redecorated the area by moving a table and chairs from the center of the room to an outside wall close to a power outlet. (Technically, lifting the table counts as physical exercise… And besides, P.F. is a judgement free zone!)
We headed downtown for load in around 7, and while we waited for the doors to open so we could set up, Root resurrected the Hobo Kitchen. He dragged out our propane stove and we cooked up some soup for the first time this tour. (Honestly, we were 52 days late on doing that, I had almost forgotten how fun our cookouts are!)
I always get a kick out of the staff at Center Stage. The pistol toting security guards have the look of the type of people that you’d never want to mess with, almost as if they had been hired from the local Hell’s Angels chapter.
The usually impressive lighting system at the club was sadly stunted, it’s glory shattered like the hopes and dreams of a newly paraplegic Olympic hopeful. Apparently, a week before Sevendust had played the room and had broken over half the lighting system with some killer stage antics. What few lights that remained flashed flaccidly, like the dying luminescence of a squished lightning bug.
Some newly converted fans showed up, who had first seen us at the beginning of this tour at 12th and Porter w/Taproot. The best part was (aside from the fact that they showed up, of course!), that they brought some homemade Apple Pie Moonshine! The first time I actually had it was Nashville back in March at the famous country bar Tootsies, so it was quite a nostalgic shot. We packed up and headed out right after the show, the 7 hour drive to Ft. Wayne plugged into the gps, and began our trip back to northern latitudes.