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I wanna dance with somebody…

Day 54: Skully’s Boneyard
Ft. Wayne, IN

Tour just doesn’t feel complete without a stop in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Every tour that we’ve done to date has included a stop in the Fort, and it has become our not only gateway to the Midwest, it has become a second home.
We finished up our 7.5 hour trip after a stop in Indianapolis for lunch and showers. We went straight to the club (restaurant/bar), where we were told that our load in time wasn’t until 10:45pm, because there was no room for us to put our gear while the opening band had the stage. At 7:30, the place was already packed, so I had high hopes for a full bar for our late show.
Seeing that we had time to kill, we headed over to Gail and Ben’s house. (If you don’t know who they are, you’re missing out! Meeting them has been one of the best things that has come from being on the road!) Their daughter, Cami, and our friends Amanda (who flew in from Charlotte, Nc), and Stephanie from Indianapolis were also there to greet us as we pulled up. After our hellos, we wasted no time ordering pizza, and challenging each other to games of pool, darts, or Wii bowling. It was honestly like the ultimate green room experience, plenty of relaxation and fun before the show, in an amazing environment, surrounded by friends that have become family.
Load in time seemed to come quicker than expected. We headed back to the club and began gathering the equipment together to start the load in process. The place was still pretty busy, and it seemed to me that things had a propensity for getting out of control at that spot, as they had a uniformed police officer as the door man.
With all places in the country that we visit, Fort Wayne tends to make me feel the most alive. Whenever we make it that way, my Indiana cohort, (Gail’s cousin Sam) and I do our best to cause the maximum amount of mischief that we can; enough to create memories, but not enough to land us in jail…. (Yet! Haha) I definitely feel a spark in my soul when she’s around, so I always look forward to Indiana shows from the moment they’re booked.
Halfway through the guys first set, a woman who looked like Whitney Houston wearing a velour track suit, and her guy friend, started a bar fight. (Well, she looked like what Whitney woulda looked like if she had done all the drugs herself, and not shared them with Bobby Brown…)
The officer at the door was very quick to separate the fight and eject the appropriate group. The most enjoyable part was that the fight was happening with the guys playing ‘Bombs Around Me’ in the background. It added much more dramatic intensity to the situation then say if they had been playing ‘Staring At Your Phone’. (Although, I admit that seeing a bar fight to that tune would be more than slightly amusing!) Outside, Whitney wannabe and her companion began to start trouble with the officer, but soon, cabs arrived to take them away, staving off any arrests.
When the first set ended, and the guys took a 15 minute break before starting up the ‘After Hours’ show. During the second set, Sam and I ducked out to check out this other iconic local pub before they closed, then met everyone back at Gail’s.
The prevalent topic at the ‘after party’ was musical guilty pleasure artists. I sat back and watched the clashing of opinions with a grin on my face, enjoying the verbal battles as if I was a spectator at a Roman gladiator match. (Side note: I did get to participate in the kill the Jäger ceremony this time. Last time at Gail’s, Sam and I got back too late/early, and by that time the bottle had already been faux-spite drank. This time though, I made sure I was the one who drained that liquid goodness!)
As the night started to wind down people started heading to bed. Sam headed home, Nate and Mochello went to the bus, (they say that they sleep better in their own bunks… Good for them, eh?),and the rest of us found our temporary abodes. The award for the last one standing had to be split 3 ways, as Root, Amanda, and I greeted the morning with a dvr’d episode of The Walking Dead….