Daily Archives: November 16, 2013

Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’

Days 56-60: Drive days, Off days

There are some highlights to drive days. One, is that we tend to be up early enough to get McD’s breakfast. It’s by far not the best thing on the planet, but when were outside of Dunkin country, there’s not really too many places that I’m aware of to get quick to-go breakfasts.
We trekked east across the rest of Ohio and thru Pennsylvania, up hills and literally under mountains, finally pulled into NYC in the early evening. We dropped off Stevie in Manhattan, then headed to Queens to drop off Mochello and Nate. The traffic was absolutely horrendous, the trip to Queens took over an hour, the typical New York congestion clogging up the streets like Charlie Sheens nose after a bender. When we finally made it out of Manhattan, it was fairly smooth sailing to drop off Mochello and Nate.
I road up to White Plains with Root so that I could catch the train north to Massachusetts and figure out my eye glasses situation. The trains run every other hour, and because of the initial traffic in Manhattan, I was 10 minutes late for my train. Luckily, it wasn’t the last one of the night. I finally made it up to Great Barrington after 2 am, making it one super long travel day.
The next day I was able to make an appointment at an eye doctor, but because of the turn over time I was only able to get new contacts, which is better than nothing. I spent the rest of the day and the next one hanging out with family and friends before catching the train back to the city on Wednesday morning.
After an unproductive appointment at the Apple Store about my MacBook, I met up with Nathan in Bryant Park and we walked to his car by way of the New York City Public Library. The Library has always been on my bucket list of New York sights that I keep meaning to stop and see but never seem to have time to. We had a few minutes to kill, so we did a quick Nate guided 10Ā¢ tour. The Library’s cavernous rooms are separated by equally vast and intricate halls, the walls built with large white marble blocks, the looming cathedral ceilings covered with Michelangeloen style paintings. Beautifully carved wooden moldings accenting the grand classic styling in a way that couldn’t be any more ascetically pleasing. It struck me that I could spend YEARS just exploring the massive collection that is available to the public, let alone the private sealed archives that the Library houses.
After the quick tour we headed to grab some dinner and meet up with our friends from the band Cilver. We went to a famous deli for sandwiches, then headed to Rockwood Music Hall for the Johnny Miller album release party. (Nate did a job for Johnny’s label, conceptualizing, filming, directing, and editing like 8 music videos for Johnny Miller’s music. I got to help film one of them, marking my first ever foray in to green screen filmmaking!)
The show was great, but, being early in the evening, seemed short. Some other friends of mine came out, so after the show we went out to another bar up on 11th. About 10:30 I met back up with 3k, who I had last seen at the album release party. I stayed the night at his place, but before we went tree we stopped to meet up with Man on Earth’s producer, Coops, for some bubble tea and hang time as a pre-birthday celebration for 3k, who’s birthday is Saturday. I’m personally not a fan of bubble tea, which has little tapioca ‘bubbles’ in it that have an unsettling texture to me. We hung out for a bit, then headed to Queens for the night.
I spent much of the next day binge sleeping, sporadically waking up to cook and eat a frozen pizza, but before I knew it, Root was outside with the bus, and we were all all aboard and set to be back on the road. We drove for about four hours, found a Walmart and settled in, in what has become a easy to deal with routine.