Daily Archives: November 17, 2013

Break the spell of the typical

Day 61: Tipsy Teapot
Greenville, NC

As I’ve said before, playing sound guy with someone else’s mixing board and equipment is hardly ever a fun situation.
After a typical non-eventful day of driving, Planet Fitness, Taco Bell, and then more driving, we landed in downtown Greenville. Town was bustling. People were everywhere, moving about like summertime ants on spilled drops of ice cream, some gathered, others moving along the sidewalk to their next destination. There was an outdoor stage not far from the venue that had a soul cover band blasting music into the streets.
The venue was half bar/music hall, and half tea house/used book store. It was another we-show-up-and-do-everything kind of show. The sound system was riddled with issues, with more non-working parts than a Ford Edsel. We had to test every channel, every cable, and every microphone, just to scrape together enough equipment to start the show. After getting the sound levels as good as we could, we set up some house music and then waited for the time to open the doors.
Even after testing all the house equipment with a solid soundcheck, we still had a few technical difficulties. We were able to fix everything by the second song, and things proceeded without a hitch the rest of the night. We had a group of people that were waiting for us and for the doors to open, which is always a great thing for us to see in a new market. On top of them, by the end of the show it was clear that we had made some new fans in the area.
The streets were still packed as we loaded out, and it became even clearer that we would be back to Greenville sooner rather than later.