Daily Archives: November 19, 2013

Oh, Gravity!

Day 62: Drive Day
South Carolina/Georgia

The ride from Greenville to Atlanta is on the very far end of what we like to have for distance between shows. Typically, we try to have only 4 to 5 hours of drive time between gigs. But, sometimes you’re left with an unavoidable 8 hour run. Having an extra day between the shows was a huge help, as we drove about halfway before stopping at a movie theater for another tour movie night. Nate and I went to see Gravity, a film that you have to see on the big screen in order to truly appreciate. Nate had already seen it, but decided, especially since I’m a bit of a scifi nerd, that seeing that there was an opportunity to catch it in 3D at the theater, we should seize it. I had little knowledge about the movie’s plot, which I think adds a bit of excitement into watching it unfold. I was very happy that things worked out that I was able to see it before they took it out of theaters.
After the movie, we decided to head in the direction of the Georgia Guidestones for the night. Along the way there, Nate and I listened to a Startalk podcast hosted by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson all about the actual science of the movie Gravity. One of his guest hosts was an actual astronaut, so it was really cool to hear someones first hand experiences in orbit, and how they relate to how space was portrayed in the film.
When we reached the town of Elberton, GA, we stopped for the night. The path to sleep was slightly hampered by the constant sound of freight trains lumbering down the tracks behind the Walmart that we were parked at. Once my brain tuned out the background noise, sleep finally set in and there was no waking until morning.