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Stairway to heaven

Day 63: Smith olde Bar
Atlanta, GA

When we woke up, and after a nice McD’s surprise (breakfast til 11!!! Georgia gets it!), we headed over to the Georgia Guidestones.
The Guidestones is a nearly 20’ tall granite sculpture with 10 guidelines for future humanity carved in to it in 6 different modern languages, and also there is a message on the capstone carved in 4 ancient languages. Instead of me delving into a huge description, here’s the wiki page about it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georgia_Guidestones
There’s some really cool features designed into the sculpture. For example, there’s a slot cut into the cap stone that allows sunlight to pass through at noon each day, the beam of light then highlights the current day of the year. After some pics and a video update, we got back on the road to Atlanta.
This wasn’t our first stop in Georgia, but it was our first gig in Atlanta. On earlier tours we’ve played Savannah and Macon, but Atlanta eluded us until now.
Smith’s Olde Bar was huge. There were two floors to it, the first being the restaurant/pub with a few great old style bars, some tables, and a small stage. The upstairs was a legit rock club, with an awesome sound and lighting system, a decent sized stage, and TWO green rooms! (Both were painted, in my opinion, Ironic Green.) Band stickers and sharpie drawn graffiti plastered the backstage walls, those and the smell of beer mixed with bleach finished off the classic rock club vibe perfectly.
The fact that the rock club was on the second floor added another awesome and interesting element to our night. (In all fairness, y’all can’t hear that I dipped that last sentence in more sarcasm than previously thought humanly possible!) After backing the bus up a precariously narrow rear driveway, we had to unload and carry the gear up a super long flight of metal stairs, then into the club, down another half a flight, and finally out and around the stage to the side stage gear spot. The fact that there was a slight rain shower happening added an element of danger to our usually mundane load in (as if the stairs weren’t enough!)
The soundcheck was pretty comprehensive, and I think for the first time ever, Nate asked for his vocals to be lowered in his stage monitor.
After the show, the load out was just as fun as the load in, (more sarcasm!) with the added bonus of one of the other bands all standing in the way smoking cigarettes on the landing as we were trying to walk by.
In order to maximize the next day’s potential, we left Atlanta right after the show, with Gainesville, Fl plugged into the gps.