Daily Archives: November 25, 2013

Soak up the sum

Days 67-68: The Funky Buddha
Boca Raton, FL

Even though we’re in Florida, all of the days off this week were really getting to us. Once we get into the groove of playing shows nearly every night, having 3 days off in a week really put everyone in a funk. The guys were really itching to play, and even though we have band related stuff that were doing, it gets very monotonous.
We got to the general area of Boca Raton sometime on Thursday. (Honestly, time doesn’t really exist when you’re on the road, so I’m not really sure what time it actually was when we rolled in to town…) we grabbed a bite to eat, then set up shop at a Starbucks to work on some video editing and such.
Nate I decided to finish the night by going to see Captain Phillips. (Absolutely amazing movie by the way. It’s good to see that Tom Hanks hasn’t lost it! Top notch acting!)
While we were in the theater, the rest of the guys were outside battling a raccoon that was harassing them. We came out to a bus that was on lock down. Windows and doors were closed, and I imagine if there had been spare plywood on the bus all the points of entry would have been boarded up. I was half surprised Mochello wasn’t standing guard with his wooden sword. We left the wild animal in the parking lot and headed to Walmart for some sleep.
Rain had kept us from having beach time on the first day we were in Boca Raton. The next day, however was a different story. 75Ā° and sunny, we hit West Palm Beach in force, jumping in the ocean for a nice refresher. There were some killer waves that kept rolling in, and the surfers were out trying to catch them. I spent a bit of my time just soaking in what felt like the remnants of summer, dreading the fact that there would most likely be snow waiting for me when I got home. We hung for a few hours, then hit some showers.
We got to the venue early. The Funky Buddha was a restaurant/hookah bar, both standard tables and lounge benches populating the room. Fragrant smoke swirled lazily through the air, the sweet smell of the flavored hookah tobacco a pleasant change from the normal smell of a classic smoke filled bar.
The room was fairly packed by the time the guys took stage. I had to run the sound board again, which is a fun change in our regular scheduled mayhem.
After load out, we took off for Jacksonville, our home away from home in the south.