Daily Archives: November 29, 2013

This is the last stop

Days 71 & 72: The New Brookland Tavern
W. Columbia, SC

Having the last show of the tour be so far away from home made tour’s end feel slightly anticlimactic. Now, three days and 850 miles later, I’m sitting in my bedroom, stuffed on poultry and carbs, drinking coffee and reminiscing on the amazing time that our two and a half month long tour was.
On our last day of tour we woke up already in W. Columbia, SC, so the day was pretty much set to our own pace. We had breakfast, did our Planet Fitness routine, and then Nate and Stevie recorded some guitar tracks for one of the songs on the new record.
It was a very ‘business as usual’ kind of day. We headed to the club, loaded in, then grabbed some pizza from a nearby pub. We were on 3rd of 4 bands, so we had time to watch the opening acts and make friendly with the staff. The club had a semi dive bar feel to it, yet had a decent sized stage and plenty of room for the crowd.
The guys took stage and played with the attitude that only comes from being on the road for months at a time. After having so many shows in a row to be able to tweak the bugs out, it becomes an incredibly tight show.
The final load out was slightly different then the system we’ve grown accustom to. We had to pack the gear in a way that allowed everyone access to whatever they needed based on what order they were going to be dropped off the next day.
When we were all packed up, we hit the road north, everyone itching for home. We knocked out about two hours of driving before stopping to sleep.
We got back on the road by 7am, with about 10 hours of drive time on the gps. (Add an hour on to that because our bus’s top speed and the actual speed limit don’t always see eye-to-eye…) It took about 6 hours into our journey for us to hit our first bit of traffic…. And from that point it was all downhill.
It was two days before Thanksgiving and everyone seemed to be headed in the same direction that we were. Traffic added an extra four hours on to our trip, and by the time we finally pulled into the city we were all exhausted. I was the first to be dropped off this time, as I had a train to catch. I said my goodbyes and headed into Grand Central Station, another 3.5 hours ahead of me before I’d be home. The rest of the guys made their rounds to drop everyone off at their homes, and then it was official. The Motor Energy Fall Tour 2013 was over.
The end of this tour brought the close of a chapter in Man on Earth history. It marked the end of the “Things They’d Never Believe” era, and the beginning of something new.
For the last year or so, we have been dual promoting, both “Things They’d Never Believe” and some of the new songs that will be on the forthcoming album. Next tour will see us with a completed new album, the dawn of a new cycle in the Man on Earth chronology. We are ever moving forward, on to bigger and better things.
I would like to take a second and thank everyone who helped make this tour a great success. Motor Energy Drink, for helping us in all the ways that they do, and for being a huge part in bringing us to every city along our journey. Our family and friends who, even though they miss us while we are out, are right there with their love and support as we take over this country one day at a time. The fans, both old and new, for being the inspiration that keeps us going…. And I personally would like to thank everyone who follows along with this blog. Your kind words and constructive criticism have been the fuel that has kept me going. I hope each and every one of you is here the next time we set sail. Until then, stay safe, be well, and have fun!