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Daily Dose of Dave

Granny-Listener Supported-

Granny was originally slated to be DMB’s first single off their first studio album, “Under the Table and Dreaming”. For some reason though, it was cut from the album entirely, although it has made a few live releases. It’s always a favorite of mine when it’s brought into the set list at shows. It’s one of those songs with excellent build up, like a locomotive . By the end of the song the whole crowd is screaming and dancing like fools.
This version also has a cool lyric change on the end of the first “chorus” from “Blindly, throw my faith, to the face of the next good thing to come my way” to “…the face of the next pretty girl to come my way”. (I put quotes around ‘chorus’ because the way the song is set up it’s a little open to interpretation as to whether ‘part c’ is a chorus, or an interlude, whatever it is)