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Art or Vandalism?


Reverse graffiti has been a growing trend in urban art. Whereas typical graffiti is created using paints, this type of art is done by actually cleaning dirty surfaces. The tools of the art include buckets, soap, scrub brushes, cleaners, or sometime even a pressure washer.
One of the issues that has been confounding authorities is the fact that no defacement has actually been done. The art is 110% green; the walls are left cleaner than before the artist began!
Environmentalgraffiti.com has a collection of pieces done by artists worldwide. The question is asked though, is this an act of vandalism?
My thoughts on graffiti in general is that it is something that should be encouraged more often. There should be more public spaces available for artist to beautify the utilitarian urban landscape. But this all needs to be done within stipulations. Some graffiti artists create beautiful works of art that add to the cultural depth of an area. Other pieces are done just as a rebellious tagging.
My suggestion is for the cities to create a platform for artists to submit ideas before they bring them to fruition. Regulate, but promote the arts.
As far as the reverse graffiti, as long as it isn’t vulgar, what’s the issue?

Thanks to Nate W. for the link. He hears about so many interesting news stories that he should start his own blog

Daily Dose of Dave

Seven- Live at Wrigley Field

Dave Matthews Band is one of those bands that can perform a song that sound all sweet and fluffy, but upon a little closer listen you realize that it’s actually rather overtly NSFW. But no one really listens to the lyrics. They’re masked under the feel good melodies.
Seven is just that kind of song. It’s been referred to by Dave as ‘naughty music’. This version features some killer work on lead guitar by Tim Reynolds.