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Daily Dose of Dave

Crash Into Me- Live Trax 13- St. Louis

More than one time I’ve been at wedding receptions and someone gets the D.J. to play ‘Crash in to Me’. “It’s such a sweet love song”, they say. Me, I laugh. Why? Because, yet again, under the candy sweet melody and smooth sounding lyrics is another cracked song, about “the sick, darker side of love”.
While people sway, move and sing along, they miss the clear story of a peeping tom, artfully smothered under a pretty blanket of music.

Windshield Wiperless Cars In Devlopement


You ever have that experience where in the middle of a winter storm you pull up to a stop light, have to roll your window down, then time it just right to snap your windshield wipers because they weren’t cleaning the windows properly? Just a few days ago while on my way to work in the middle of that winter storm that left tons of canceled plans, one of my coworkers who was driving had to do just that.

Much to the chagrin of pooping birds everywhere, British supercar manufacturer McLaren is experimenting with the same high frequency ultrasonic ‘force fields’ that jet fighters use to keep their cockpit glass clear.

This honestly represents the future of clear windshield technology. The only concern I have is how the system works with preexisting debris (like bird poop), but the concept is absolutely amazing. I’m assuming that all the first cars that use this technology will be ones that are garaged anyway, so they’ll have a few extra years to perfect it for the common folk cars.