Daily Archives: January 8, 2014

Jaws Gets a Twitter Account


Proving that Australians learned nothing from the fate of Steve Irwin, NPR reports that 338 sharks off the coast of Western Australia have been tagged with gps transmitters that send out a signal when the sharks come within half of a mile of the beach. That signal also posts a tweet to the Surf Life Saving Western Australia Twitter account with the size, species, and location of the shark.

This is a novel concept, especially if you have a cellphone that is coated with waterproof Liquipel, but personally, I think Bethany Hamilton will still be a bit skeptical of this new technology.

Daily Dose of Dave

#27-Live Trax 13-St. Louis

This track is another cut off of Live Trax 13, #27, also called I Hope You’ll Be By Me Then. It is one of my favorite of the newer non-album release songs, having a bluesy overtone and a driven storyline. (A studio version was actually recorded and released as part of the Big Whiskey and the Groo Grux King Super Deluxe Box Set)
This track also has a little bit of ‘Davespeak’ at the end. Urbandictionary.com defines it as “The usually one-sided banter of Dave Matthews that takes place in between songs (usually) at a Dave Matthews Band or Dave and Tim show.”
There’s a website that catalogues all that at http://www.weeklydavespeak.com