Daily Archives: January 15, 2014

Daily Dose of Dave

Jimi Thing-Live at Wrigley Field

I’m in Denver working with my friend Nate, and crashing on his couch, and this morning he woke up with Prince’s ‘Get Off’ stuck in his head.
So, I thought Jimi Thing with Prince’s ‘Sexy MF’ outro would be a fitting song of the day. The only version I could find on Spotify was from the Wrigley Field concert. It’s a odd cut, especially if you’ve never been to a live Dmb show.
The song starts off with the first two verses sung completely by the crowd. Dave kicks in, finishing the Jimi Thing lyrics, then the crowd starts a chant of Sly and the Family Stone’s ‘Thank You’, to which the band added ‘Sexy MF’ to, weaving the two back and forth throughout the outro

Daily Dose of Dave

Hello Again- Live from San Francisco- Live Trax Vol. 2

Who doesn’t like a song about killing your woman? Hey Joe, Down By the River, Cocaine Blues…. and Hello Again…. There’s something darkly endearing about a song that’s about snuffing out your significant other. Maybe it’s just that I spent a great amount of time in a less than stellar relationship. Or maybe I’m just a dark individual…. Ok, ok, ok, I keed, I keeed. Or am I?….
Dave’s voice conveys the dark, twisted, conflicted emotion of the song perfectly, in what I like to think of as an instant classic.