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Daily Dose of Dave

Eh Hee- Live at the Mile High Music Festival

This is a song which the studio track was completely written, recorded, and all instruments performed by Dave Matthews. The whole band started playing it in 2007, and it’s remained popular in the set list since.
I was at this festival, and at the time ‘Eh Hee’ was a relatively new song. But as you can hear on the recording, the crowd latched on to it.
Inspired by the chantings of an African tribe that he was visiting, the lyrics further explore the agnosticism that Dave feels, brought on by the world around him.

Google Developing Smart Contacts


What looks like a piece of Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible gear is actually a high-tech glucose monitor that’s being designed by Google. The contact lens keeps an eye on the glucose levels in tears by way of micro sensors and a wireless transmitter, making it so that diabetics will have one less prick to deal with on a daily basis. (No, it can’t help you get rid of your boss…..) Google says that they’re still about 5 years out from release.

It seems like there’s a whole slew of future possibilities that could be developed on this technology. Think google glass, non-nerd edition. Or digital zoom binoculars. Or a fully immersive virtual reality gaming experience….