Daily Archives: January 22, 2014

Daily Dose of Dave

Some Devil- Live in New York City

This one goes out to my friend Tif. Back home in Western Massachusetts, things tend to get more than a bit boring. We would spend countless hours driving around, listening to music. I had a playlist on Spotify that all my friends would add to called ‘Road Music’ that was mostly a collection of uptempo driving music. Tif insisted I put ‘Some Devil’ on the playlist, and we would rock out just as hard to it as any other song on the playlist. Other people just threw side glances, the change of pace lost on them. Originally a Dave Matthews solo track, the full band has embraced it as seen in this track from NYC.

Cure For My Addiction?


It no secret that my phone is hardly ever more than a few feet away from me. I argue very strongly that tech addiction is not only a real thing, but also that I am a dependent myself.
But, a new company, Smarty Ring, may offer a sort of methadone clinic that will allow phones to be managed without taking them out of your pocket.

Set for release in April of 2014, (and just in time for someone to buy me a belated birthday present), the ring is a bluetooth device that can control your phones calls, music, alerts, trigger your camera, and act as a watch, among many other features. It also has a sensor that alerts you when you are more than 30′ from your phone, can ping your phone if lost, and is waterproof.

In 2014 I find it amazing how often we all have our phones in our hands. This, much like the other wearables on the market and set to debut, may offer a way to curb a bit of the wasted time that we accrue daily, because admit it, you KNOW you can’t just check your mail once your phone touches your hand…..