Daily Archives: February 18, 2014

Daily Dose of Dave

Live at Folsom Field

Yesterday afternoon I flew into Salt Lake City because my brother is getting married on Tuesday. I’ve never been to Utah before, so imagine my surprise when I found out some of the laws enacted by the largely Mormon controlled government. The strangest that I’ve heard yet is that any alcoholic beverages mixed at a bar must be done out of sight, and most bars have a partition called a “Zion’s Curtain” that blocks off the mixing area from view. This is done do that underage people or non drinkers aren’t assaulted by the sight of booze in places that serve it, thus being pressured to buy it. Personally, I want to see my Crown and Coke mixed, so I know they’re not trying to pull a fast one and sub it out for something cheaper. (Granted, my palette would discern the difference!) My point, and the reason that reminded me of this song, is that I would hate to be a bartender in Utah.