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Daily Dose of Dave

Big Eyed Fish
Live from the Gorge

‘Big Eyed Fish’ has always been a song that brings to mind lots of stories. When I was living in Housatonic,  MA, it always seemed to make the nightly playlist, tucked somewhere between the Greatful Dead and the songs that were dubbed the “Drink Beer Really Fast” playlist. Last year, one of my friends who lived at that house went with me to the first night of DMB at SPAC with the sole wish that ‘Big Eyed Fish’ be on the set list for that night. While the night was full of unforgettable adventures, the song didnt make the set. However, he received a gloating voicemail the next night because, while he was stuck at work, I was back for night two, and it was definitely in the set that night

Man on Earth Tour Blog Update

Hey all!,

Michaels here…. Tour starts up again on 3/21 in Waterbury, CT! On this run we’re headed out with our friends Miggs and Open Air Stereo and we’ll be hitting plenty of new cities, and coming back to plenty of familiar ones too! Most importantly, we’re bringing a brand spankin’ new album out on the road with us, wich means plenty of new songs for y’all to hear! The guys are busy putting the finishing touches on the new album, and they’ve all expressed to me how excited they are to hit the road again and bring you some new music!

In my world, aside from any tour prep that I’ve been helping with, I went ahead and moved the tour blog from tumblr over to my own website, and I’ve also imported the previous blog posts to the new site in case y’all are interested in reading those too! March 21st is less than a month away, so I hope you guys are getting excited! See you soon!

Daily Dose of Dave

Don’t Burn the Pig
Weekend on the Rocks

I woke up this morning to the smell of bacon in the apartment building hall way and my first thought was how amazing some perfectly cooked bacon would be. Unless you’re my friend Mochello, who likes his cooked to an inedible crisp. Which led me, in my weird thought process, to humming ‘Don’t Burn the Pig’. While the song has nothing to do with proper cooking methods for swine, it is a great song to accompany breakfast.

Daily Dose of Dave

Sweet Up and Down
The Lillywhite Sessions

As far as unreleased songs go, ‘Sweet Up and Down’ is one that I keep hoping will end up as an official release. This song was originally slated for release on the leaked album that was scrapped  and since has come to be know as the “Lillywhite Sessions”. It seems every few years, around the time that an album is about to drop, that the song makes it back in to live show set list rotation. So, in my mind, there’s always hope.

Daily Dose of Dave

Thank You
Live at Mile High Music Festival

The Dave Matthews Band has embraced a few covers wholeheartedly, Sly and the Family Stone’s ‘Thank You’ being one of them. It was a favorite set closer for a while, with a breakdown at the end that allowed Dave to showcase his signature ‘dance’ that, if nothing else, solidifies in your mind that the band is still up on stage to have gun, no matter what other people might think.