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Move It On A Little Farther Down the Line

Days 9&10: Vienna, Va
Jammin’ Java

Hey guys, sorry I’m so far behind… I’ve spent a lot of my spare time the last few days on the phone with my web hosting company. Apparently, I’ve been the victim of an enormous amount of spam on my comments here, even though I had some filters up. This caused my account to be put on lockdown, and me to be unable to post anything new. The company, Hostgator, has been more than helpful, working with me to fix the issue. I was a bit worried at first, since the last time I had any web issues it was with Google, and they refused to work with me to remedy or even tell me what the issue was. Oh well.

So, time to work on catching y’all up to us…..

Our schedule this tour is different then it has been on any other run we’ve done to date. We have longer drives in between gigs, and we also have more scheduled days off then usual as well.

For my blogging, this is a mixed blessing. On one hand, it allows me extra time to develop my thoughts and ideas more in depth, and has let me take things a little deeper in to the technical side of the goings on while we’re out on the road. On the other hand, all the driving, the office work, the downtime…. well, it’s just uneventful.

Monday we had a work day. We woke up, drove to a Planet Fitness, did our thing, then headed to a Starbucks to do some work. The only difference between this and any other office work day was that the Starbucks was inside of a Target. Same cubicle, different screensaver.

One of the highlights of the day was getting the news that we are headlining the second stage at the Gulfport Music Festival. Our set will on while the main stage tears down after Ludacris plays, and while they are setting up for Kid Rock. While we already knew we were on the festival, we didn’t know what time slot. The news of the prime time set instantly put everyone in a great mood, making the usually monotonous day pass by with ease.

Stevie G had one of his Skype guitar lessons late in the evening, so the rest of us took a bit of time to explore. Even though it seemed as if we were in civilization, I would argue the point. We walked down to a nearby indoor mall, and due to it’s lack of anything remotely interesting, we quickly did an about face and headed back to Target.

We finished up our evening with a drive that left us just outside of DC for the night. The next morning we had an oil change done on our bus, did our Planet Fitness stop, and then headed over to the venue. Conveniently, there was a Starbucks in the same block, so we set up camp and dove back in the deep end of the office work pool.

Time for soundcheck seemed to come quickly. Nate had a conference call so we had to do the check without him. I subbed on Root’s bass while he checked Nate’s mic and guitar.

The Jammin’ Java sounds like a small coffee shop but in reality it’s a legit venue. While there is a coffee/full bar/restaurant in the front, there is a huge room in the back that is set up for concerts, and at it’s midsized capacity, has been a go to spot for many national acts looking for a more intimate setting. It is located just outside of D.C., making it a great spot to go see a show without having to get stuck in too much of the traffic congestion around the nation’s capital.

Being that Philly is relatively close to the D.C. area, we headed north after the show. We found a Walmart close to Philly, and it honestly should be added to the list of ones that we skip. There was a freight train line that crossed right on the outskirts of the parking lot, and aside from being inherently loud as they lumbered along, it seemed that every conductor that brought his train past was participating in a contest to see how long they could keep us awake with their whistles. It reminded me all too much of the Mississippi Walmart that we stayed at that was right in the landing flight path of an airport. After a bit, the need for sleep finally overpowered the incessant noise of the passing locomotives.