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Walk This Way

Day 21: Covington House
Newport, KY

We didn’t have a far ride to the Cincinnati/Newport area. After an a.m. workout and showers, we stopped at this place called Skyline that Nate has been talking about for some time. I guess this place is such a Cincinnati staple that once a month in NYC a group of Cincinnati natives fly in food from the flagship restaurant for a fresh taste of home dinner. (Which sounds all well and good… As long as they don’t serve Kool-aid there… Then I’d think it a bit cultish). Skyline’s famous dish is their chili, which isn’t what you’d think. Starting with a bed of spaghetti, it’s then topped with a semi-sweet chili, then your choice of a plethora of toppings, including onions and beans, and all topped with a healthy amount of shredded cheese (When I say ‘healthy’ I mean ‘generous’, not like ‘oh-it’s-so-good-for-you’!). As far as taste goes, it’s an odd combination at first, but then you ‘get’ the concept of what they’re going for, and it’s not too shabby.

After lunch we headed to the area of the club. There was a local coffee shop with free wifi a block from the venue, so we set up shop there to do some work. The owner and baristas were super cool, taking time to chat with us about the band. The cafe closed early, so Root, Mochello, and I took off to explore and do some street promo.

Newport, KY is a cool town. We walked about 4 or 5 blocks, which seemed to be about half of the strip. We found record stores, thrift shops, antique stores, a comic book place, a skateboard shop, bakeries, and a couple of pizza spots (which, of course, Mochello had to try both of!). All the people we came across were super friendly, and one of the record store employees even wanted Root and Mochello to sign the flyer that we were handing out. After a few hours of pounding the pavement we all headed back for load in.

The Covington House is a former church that has been converted into a venue. When we first walked in we saw a bar with a tiny stage and a PA system that looked like it would burst in to flames if it had a microphone plugged into it, let alone an entire band. To our relief we found out that the show was in one of the other two rooms, ours being the upstairs one.

Open Air Stereo was having some equipment malfunctions that took extra time to figure out, so it was a line check–>play kind of night for us, which is fine. Adaptability is one of the necessities of retaining sanity when you’re on the road as much as we are, so the delay was like water on an Rain-x coated windshield to us.

Rick, the manager for Miggs was at the show and offered to keep an eye on my merch table while I ran the lights, so I was able to sit behind the board for our set and also for Miggs set. Merch duties called right after that, but it felt good to be back there again, even for just the one show.

After the show we finally got to have some hang time with the guys in Miggs. They met us at a local casino, and while the overpriced tables prevented us from really playing the tables, we got some drinks at the bar inside. After a bit, the Miggs had to catch a cab to meet up with the rest of their crew, and we retired to our bus for the night.