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Water’s Sweet But Blood is Thicker

Day 34: The Royal
Salt Lake City, UT

Again, I’m way behind in my blog, and again, I ask for patience…. There are reasons, as I’m sure anyone who follows us on Facebook already knows…. But we’ll get there. Just bear with me….

The road trip from Denver to Salt Lake City was a long, windy, bumpy one. We woke up already in Wyoming, at a truck stop framed in by snow capped mountains and expansive fields that led to more mountains. Just walking in to go brush my teeth was a battle, with the wind nearly taking my hat clear off my head.

There was no resting once we headed out, between the 50 mile an hour gusts buffeting our bus and the potholes the size of the Grand Canyon and also the frost heaves that you probably could get enough air off of to do a Double McTwist.

Worse than all of that though was the five hours of no cell phone coverage of any sort as we made our way across the wide expanses of nothingness. I make it no secret that I am a victim of technology addiction. So, being unplugged from the network for an extended amount of time didn’t do me too well. Service came back not too far outside of Salt Lake, just in time to prep for load in.

I had just been to Salt Lake for my brothers wedding a few months ago, so the initial oohing and ahhing was kinda lost on me. The scenery is actually quite impressive, Salt Lake City is built on the basin of an ancient lake so the mountains seem to cradle the city in their palm.

We rolled up to The Royal just in time to start loading in gear. From the outside the club looked like a house that had been turned into a restaurant. The inside had more of a bar venue feel, with a decent sized stage a balcony, and a fairly open floor plan. After load in the guys ran to a Planet Fitness to shower and I set up the merch table then headed to my brother’s house to clean up.

My brother’s wife couldn’t make it to the show, but he came over with me when I headed back to the club. He hung out for Man on Earth’s set and then had to get going.

Growing up, my younger brother and I weren’t terribly close. I moved out before he was 18, and then he went off to college. After that, he bounced around the Northeast a bit before heading out west. The short of it is that it was the first time (besides when I flew out for the wedding, that really doesn’t count!) that I hung out with my brother (as adults) in a social situation, and the first time that I had a legal drink with him in a bar. You gotta admit, there’s something about that. It’s almost like an affirmation that, yeah, we both survived growing up.

The club had booked two locals, one to open and one to go on second to last. Salt Lake City was a new market to all three of the bands on the tour, so the headliner, Open Air Stereo, wanted the second local to close the show. The club thought otherwise, so the show went on as planned.

Anyway, after the show we had to head out of Salt Lake City straight away. The ride to Seattle was meant to be another long one, and we wanted to have a little bit of time while there to look around. We quickly packed our gear, and headed out toward Seattle.