Daily Archives: May 11, 2014

So Long, and Goodnight

Days 42 & 43: LeStat’s West
San Diego, CA

San Diego and L.A. are relatively close (depending on the traffic, that is!). The day after the show at Molly Malone’s was a day off, so we were in no rush to do anything. We had spent the night near Nate’s friend Brad’s house in Venice Beach, so we grabbed showers there.

While Stevie G taught a guitar lesson, Root, Mochello, and I headed over to a laundromat to wash our clothes, while Nate went out to grab lunch with his friend. While we were out we got a message from Miggs asking if we wanted to grab an end of tour dinner. (San Diego was going to the end of the line for Miggs, us on the other hand… On tour forever, right?)

We all reconvened about 2:30pm and headed south. We met Miggs at their hotel, and hung out with them in the hotel lounge for a bit. Don, their singer, was caught up in the NBA playoff game, so we stayed until the game was over, then headed out.

There was a Mexican restaurant in a section of what is called Old Town that Don wanted to go to, so the 5 of us and the 6 that were in camp Miggs all climbed on our bus and drove over there. It’s been a while since our shuttle bus has lived up to it’s true purpose of being a transport vehicle, so, if I could be so bold as to assign feelings to inanimate objects, I’d say the bus was happy.

The restaurant we went to was an upscale Mexican tequila bar, with hundreds upon hundreds of different tequilas lining the walls, set up on glass shelves in ornate built in cabinetry. The food was delicious. To simply call it Mexican food is a gross understatement, as that leads the mind to thoughts of the Americanized style of Mexican food. This was Mexican cuisine at it’s finest. Every bite was packed with so many layers of flavor that there was no way you could possibly get bored with your dinner. After dinner we drove Miggs back to their hotel and spent the night on our bus in their parking lot.

The next day we set off to get our A.C. recharged, a process that in the state of California is not always an easy one. The next few days we were set to drive across the deserts of Southern California, Arizona, and New Mexico, so air conditioning was going to be a crucial thing to have. Our A.C. system had a slow leak in it and Cali law prevents shops from putting freon into a leaky system, so we had to get it diagnosed. What was supposed to take an hour took five, but once everything was set we were off with freezing cold air conditioning.

By the time we were out of the shop it was almost load in time, so we headed down to the club. LeStat’s was a fun spot. While it looks like a hole in the wall venue, the sound was actually pretty decent, and the staff was awesome. They even go the extra mile and record your set for you for free and give you a copy.

After soundcheck, Nate and I went down to grab some salsa and tacos before the show. While there, he was in the middle of dealing with a very frustrating bit of business that was going on back home. There’s nothing worse than being 3,000 miles away trying to deal with something that you know if you were there would be a nonissue. The feeling of helplessness can be overwhelming, it reminds me of how Ground Control must have felt when the astronauts went thru their comm blackouts. Thankfully, everything worked out for Nate, and there was no real issue, the show went on.

Miggs did an acoustic/electric hybrid set for their tour ending show, which was very interactive and fun. After the show, Miggs had to fly out (literally) so we packed up quickly and said our goodbyes. They were tons of fun to be on the road with, and were all stand up guys. I hope our paths align again at some point in the future. We rolled out of San Diego and headed east, miles of hot desert ahead of us…