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Dead Things Don’t Always Stay Dead

I’ve always had a penchant for superhero movies and tv shows, so when “Heroes” premiered in 2006 I was instantly hooked. The ‘ordinary people developing extraordinary powers’ storyline, while sounding simple, was crafted with it’s own unique slant that gave the series a refreshing feel to it. The show had a solid first two seasons, then the infamous writers strike of ’07/’08 and the lack of steam upon their return caused the third and also the fourth seasons (which was the final season before the show was axed) to flounder as it tried to hold on to any vestige excellence that existed in the beginning of the show.

So, you could imagine my mixed feelings when it was announced a few months ago that “Heroes” would return as a 13 episode reboot/sequel series next year entitled “Heroes:Reborn”. The current word is that some of the old characters will return, and that there will be plenty of new ones coming into their super human powers as well as the series progresses.

Season 4 of the original run ended abruptly, without any real closure, so the idea of wrapping up the story line is a good, good thing to me. And if the writers can stay on point, which I think the half-season format helps with, the idea of having a successful reboot is a distinct possibility.

I was very skeptical at first of the idea of having the miniseries concept applied to a show that I’m accustomed to being full seasons, but it is super clear that the reduced format is helping with ’24: Live Another Day’. It allows a better flow of a story line without all the added fluff needed to stretch an idea out to the 20-24 episodes of a full length season. If ‘Heroes’ can learn from the new season of ’24’ then maybe the things that initially set it apart from the crowd will return with it.

Now, if we can only get a ‘Firefly’ reboot……

Shock Me, Make Me Feel Better

Breakout Tour: Day 4
Q Ball Cafe
Fredericksburg, VA

The Q Ball Cafe in Fredericksburg, VA is a pool hall with a bar and a stage (shocker, right?). We arrived at the cafe mid afternoon, after taking care of the usuals. Dive was already there, so we pulled right up beside them again. They have a portable generator attached to their trailer, so we’ve been parking close to them and sharing their electricity so as to have power on our bus without having to constantly idle.

As soon as we arrived we took Johnny Dive and his can to the gas station to fuel up on petrol for generator juice. While we were out we stopped at an auto part store to get a few cans of freon for our leaky rear air conditioner. The weather was meant to be muggy, so we wanted to be as prepared as possible.

Once back at the club we loaded in, and then Nate and I crawled under the bus to put the new freon in. The process is fairly simple, and soon enough the a.c. was pushing out cool (Not cold! It still needed a few more cans!) air. I went to the Dollar General that was in the same parking lot to get a fan to help stay cool until everything got back to good.

We had another relaxing evening, as our set wasn’t until 10:30 that night. Q Ball Cafe permitted smoking, so we were doing our best to limit our hang out time inside. (It only worked partially, because the next morning I STILL woke up with a sore throat! Oh, oops. Spoiler alert! We lived through the night!)

The on site lighting guy (nice guy who seemed like he either did a lot of drugs in the past, or was on a few that night!) said that he thought that the board was too finicky, so he wanted to run it that night. Personally, I think he was just having so much fun doing the lights that he didn’t want to share. (If you saw him running the lights, you’d understand….) It all worked out though. One of my cousins that I haven’t seen in over 20 years was able to come out to the show, so it was good to be able to hang with him for a bit.

The club didn’t have it’s own sound system, so they brought in a guy. He had a huge digital board that reminded me of the one Trox used on our run with Miggs and OAS, but this guy was no Trox. Line check took a while longer than normal, and even after Man on Earth started things weren’t 100%. By the 3rd song Nate had to take a quick break to readjust the stage monitors because they were caught in an ear piercing feedback loop. With things mitigated to tolerable levels, our part of the show continued without a hitch.

When Dive took stage they were plagued with a whole set of different issues. They were experiencing an electrical grounding issue that was causing them to be shocked. Early in their set Johnny caught a shock from his microphone that knocked him off his feet. The guitar and bass players received a heavy shock from touching each other while playing, and the drummer was catching current in his in ear monitor. At one point Mochello gave their guitarist, Joey, a fist bump during their set and received a jarring jolt for his troubles. The issue got to be so bad and unresolvable that Dive cut a couple of songs out of their set. Afterwards, a few people tried to figure out the issue, to no avail.

After the show our two bus convoy headed to the neighborhood Walmart, so we could all get some sleep and then figure out what we wanted to do for our Monday/Tuesday Memorial Day weekend. Whatever we decided we knew that BBQ was to be in our future!