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There’s Nothing Wrong With Ohio

Breakout Tour: Day 8
The Auricle
Canton, OH

The Auricle very easily became one of my favorite venues that we’ve played so far. Everything about the club, the sound, the staff, and the vibe of one of Canton, Ohio’s hidden gems makes you feel like you’re playing a hometown show.

We started our time in Canton by grabbing some lunch at a pizzeria and then meeting the guys from Dive at the club to wait for the owner to show up to let us in. Dive told us how their technical issues continued, when the night before they realized the motor mounts on their generator were shot, rendering it out of commission. That made their previous night sleep a bit hellish, because their A.C. has to plug in to a 110 outlet (like the one on the generator) in order to run and they don’t have any other ventilation in their bunks.

The building that the club was located in had us a bit leery of what to expect because it had a very ‘medical’ feel to it. At very least it felt like an office complex, with large glass entrance doors, high ceilinged hallways, and separate suites, each of which had blank, windowless, slab doors covering their entrances. It was next to impossible to shake the feeling that I should have my insurance card ready when we loaded in.

When the owner, Josh, finally arrived that preconceived notion was shattered. We all walked down the stairs that led to the main entrance of the club and into the perfect rock-n-roll club environment. A long granite bar lined the one wall parallel to the stage. The stage was huge, to get a visual of how big I’d say it was large enough to easily accommodate a 6 piece band and plenty of gear comfortably. While the room was essentially a huge rectangle, black curtains hung on the same plain as the front edge of the stage, creating a faux side stage area for storing empty road cases. Around back behind the curtain was a green room rivaling any large club that we’ve ever played.

The club owner was a former touring musician, which is why the place is so accommodating. He had done the runs where venues treated musicians like peasants and decided that when he started his place that that wasn’t going to be acceptable under his roof.

There was two opening bands on the bill before us, and then Dive took the stage after. One of the highlights of the night was hanging with the crew of fans that we had met on our run with Miggs and OAS. They had driven a few hours to catch the show, and stuck around until the very end. Oh, and the soft pretzels. The ones that the bartender miraculously made appear. Those were definitely another highlight of the evening.

After the show Dive decided to stay in the venue’s parking lot so they could have power (air conditioning!) for the night. Not wanting to have to wake up at 7am to unplug before the offices above the club opened, we opted to drive an hour or so and stay at La Casa de Walmart.