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The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

Breakout Tour: Day 15
Smith’s Downtown
Mishawaka, IN

Getting back on the road after our time off was a combination of easy and hard. Everyone was ready to get back on with playing shows, but we had essentially moved in to Ben and Gail’s house, so we had to pack up and move out, like disgruntled teens headed out to summer camp.

It took about an hour and a half to get to Mishawaka and the road took us by some of the best smelling Amish farms under the sun. (Sarcasm, if you didn’t pick up on it. I’m not a fan of smelling those odors, let alone having it smell so strong that you might as well be TASTING it… Ugh!)

We made it through the farmland without anyone passing out an rolled in to Mishawaka just in time for load in. Carrying in our gear promised not to be fun, as there were two flights of stairs between the main entrance and the stage. Dive showed up right after us, so once we had our stuff lugged up we helped carry their gear. The sound guy was running late, so the waiting game began.

The show was an all ages one and soon the room began to steadily fill up…….. with families that had tons of little kids. When I say little kids I mean 4-8 year olds. The rock club quickly developed a school yard recess feel to it, with yelling kids and disinterested parents. This lasted for about an hour and change, until the sound guy finally showed up and set up the mics on the stage and tested sounds for the first band.

The show itself didn’t start until an hour and a half after the first band was supposed to start. Interestingly enough, all the families had brought their kids for the first band, a good old fashioned hard rock/metal band. I think I went half deaf during their set, so I was a little worried about the still yet developing ears of the kids. Then I realized that we were in rural Indiana, and this was no doubt normal and acceptable behavior, and that hearing loss was probably one of the least of the worries that the folks there had. (That joke was for Gail’s benefit, since she grew up on an Indiana farm, haha)

Speaking of Gail, she had ridden with us from her house to Mishawaka, so she also got to experience first hand how boring the waiting game can be. Her family saved her though, showing up just after the first band and right when the second was taking the stage. The second act was scream metal, super loud and aggressive. I lost the pair of earplugs that I had, so I stayed outside the main room during their set. I guess the little kids didn’t have ear plugs either, because as the first few songs went on I saw many of the families pack up and head out. The sound guy running extremely late didn’t help either, because I think the show STARTED past their bedtime already. By the time the smoke cleared, all the kids and their parents were gone, leaving only the baggageless adults.

The club had nothing for lights, so I spent the time hanging with Ben, Gail, and their daughter Cami again. After the show, and the long goodbyes that happen whenever we leave Crawford country, the load out was just as bad as loading in, just exacerbated by being tired. When everything was all packed up, Dive decided to ride convoy with us. We drove about an hour, found a Walmart, and all went to sleep.