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Review: Beyond the Ice Limit

   I finally finished Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child’s newest offering, ‘Beyond the Ice Limit’, the existence of which, as far as I know, was initially confirmed in an interview that I did with the authors a few years ago regarding their novel ‘White Fire’. 

   ‘Beyond the Ice Limit’, while a double sequel (in that it is not only a direct sequel to 2001’s ‘The Ice Limit’, but also holds the title as the newest entry in their ongoing ‘Gideon Crew’ series), does an amazing job setting itself as a standalone read. Knowing the backstories of the characters would definitely help make a faster bond with them, but overall the book does a good job of making those connections independently. 

   As always, Preston and Child craft a story that touches on multiple genres, without feeling confused about itself. ‘Beyond the Ice Limit’ captures the mood of the most Crichtonesq scifi-techno-thrillers, while weaving in details that echo the most clinical of Robin Cook novels, doing all this in an environment that could very happily reside on pages penned by Tom Clancy.    

   If you’re into action, adventure, excitement, or anything else that a Jedi doesn’t crave, then snag a copy of ‘Beyond the Ice Limit’ wherever books or ebooks are sold. If you’re too cheap for that, support your local library and find a copy there!



   It’s definitely been a while since I’ve last checked in here. Obviously, life hasn’t stopped for me. On the contrary, it has barreled forward like a freight train, leaving little time or ambition to work on one of the few things that actually brings joy to me: writing. 

   Not to say that I haven’t been exercising any creative muscles over the last months. Back in the spring I actually had a weekly radio show with my friend Steven Nathan, which was an amazing outlet. It was kind of like writing, but with the ability to cover multiple topics in a free form environment, without the self imposed scruples of editing that hit me when I write. The show was very off the cuff, and allowed me a chance to practice more free flow thinking. 

   That ended about a month ago, when our show was unceremoniously pulled from the air for what I can only surmise was a misunderstanding that was never even brought to our attention. We are currently taking a few weeks off and are planning on bringing the show back with a vengeance, in podcast format. I’ll definitely keep everyone updated on when that’ll be back on track. 

   Now, though, it’s time to take that experience and apply it back where I belong: here. Buckle up, I’m back!