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Dead Things Don’t Always Stay Dead

I’ve always had a penchant for superhero movies and tv shows, so when “Heroes” premiered in 2006 I was instantly hooked. The ‘ordinary people developing extraordinary powers’ storyline, while sounding simple, was crafted with it’s own unique slant that gave the series a refreshing feel to it. The show had a solid first two seasons, then the infamous writers strike of ’07/’08 and the lack of steam upon their return caused the third and also the fourth seasons (which was the final season before the show was axed) to flounder as it tried to hold on to any vestige excellence that existed in the beginning of the show.

So, you could imagine my mixed feelings when it was announced a few months ago that “Heroes” would return as a 13 episode reboot/sequel series next year entitled “Heroes:Reborn”. The current word is that some of the old characters will return, and that there will be plenty of new ones coming into their super human powers as well as the series progresses.

Season 4 of the original run ended abruptly, without any real closure, so the idea of wrapping up the story line is a good, good thing to me. And if the writers can stay on point, which I think the half-season format helps with, the idea of having a successful reboot is a distinct possibility.

I was very skeptical at first of the idea of having the miniseries concept applied to a show that I’m accustomed to being full seasons, but it is super clear that the reduced format is helping with ’24: Live Another Day’. It allows a better flow of a story line without all the added fluff needed to stretch an idea out to the 20-24 episodes of a full length season. If ‘Heroes’ can learn from the new season of ’24’ then maybe the things that initially set it apart from the crowd will return with it.

Now, if we can only get a ‘Firefly’ reboot……

Live Another Day


One of the most anticipated things for me in 2014 is the return of Jack Bauer. The 12 episode mini-series ’24: Live Another Day’ was recently pushed closer, from it’s original summer 2014 release to April 2014.
For eight years Kiefer Sutherland pushed the boundaries of prime time television as Jack Bauer, with non-stop action, torture, and all sorts of intense antiterrorist adventures.
2014 sees Bauer return after being left on the run from the U.S. government in the 2010 series finale. Since then, the producers have been trying to get a feature length film green lit, but weren’t able to figure out the logistics. The decision to go ahead with a miniseries made way more sense, given the minute for actual minute ‘real-time’ pace of the show.
The new run will be set in Europe, starting in London. This will definitely give a freshness to the series, as will the 12 episode constraint. There story will move along much faster, without the need to put filler plots in, in an effort to stretch it all out over 24 hour length episodes.
April can’t come soon enough. Until then, I guess it’s time to rewatch the series on Netflix!

’24: Live Another Day’ on IMDB