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Nintendo Content With Mediocrity


In the 1980’s Nintendo was on top of the game. In 2014 however, the former front runner is greatly overshadowed by it’s competition.

In what should be good news, Nintendo is reportedly planning it’s foray into mobile apps. My mind, and I’m sure a lot of y’all had similar thoughts, imagined myself lying in my bunk on our tour bus, squashing goombas and turtles, throwing bananas behind go karts, or, if I felt ambitious, saving Hyrule.

But no, the creator of so many of my childhood gaming memories doesn’t seem to share my hopes and dreams. Maybe it’s a cultural difference, I’m not sure.

Nintendo’s possible plan, as discussed on BGR , is far less satisfying.

Instead of treating the mobile app platform as it’s own market, it seems like Nintendo wants to use it as a way to push people to purchase it’s struggling console systems. The way it’s looking, is that they will release exclusive mini games on the mobile devices, with the hope that you will be hooked enough to go pony up the 50 bucks to get the full version.

If the company is hurting so much financially, why wouldn’t they capitalize on rereleasing existing content on already existing platforms?

I hope these reports are only half truths. My fingers are still crossed.