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Day 17 – Chicago – Angelo vs. the giant pizza slice

Chicago is a pretty awesome city, not going to lie. And let’s just mention that the trees are finally starting to change color! Hello Autumn!! Not so sure it was a good idea to be right next to Wrigley Stadium while a game was playing. Actually no, I retract that statement, it was a GREAT idea to be next to the Stadium the day of a game, you know why? Cause the show kicked a lot of ass!

As the case with any day when out on tour, Angelo had to get his pizza fix. We we went to this spot where the slices were seriously the size of your head, if not bigger. But seriously, Chicago? I thought you were supposed to have good pizza? Where’s the sauce!? We got to hang out with some old friends that night, but more importantly we met some awesome new friends! Had too many drinks, again. This time Riot Root made an appearance, hitting the stage while Californication was on stage. Don’t worry, of course we got this on film. Unfortunately we had to swing by the airport after the show, dropping off Michaels. Sad day when we lose someone in our group with a week left, but we’ll see him next tour! Our first time in Pittsburgh tomorrow night! 

Day 16 – Cleveland rocks! Or does it? No, it definitely just rains.

Man On Earth made their debut in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. No really! Well, we gave them a CD, so let’s just see where that takes the guys. 

It was the best way to spend our time before hitting the stage! Any of you guys ever been there? What’s your favorite exhibit? Steve snuck a few pictures of the Beastie Boys exhibit. Ssshh, don’t tell security, whoops. 

Spent a few minutes before having to load in bullshitting the parking attendant in the parking lot behind Wilbert’s to avoid paying the parking feee. Angelo’s plan turned into making us look like fools and giving a pan handler money. In other words, plan failed and we had to pay the parking feee anyway. So much for that. A for effort? Maybe? Occasionally when you’re Man On Earth, you are forced to spend nearly an hour setting up the projector and screen. That shit doesn’t just get thrown together, a lot of work gets put into that! 

 Although it was a slow show, and not many people really came out. We still had a blast, and did manage to meet some new friends, and of course hung out with some of our other friends!

Day 15 – IHOP breakfasts & The state of Indiana

Don’t sleep on your phone. You definitely won’t hear the alarm. 

We got to enjoy an awesome breakfast, and this was actually a REAL breakfast as it actually took place in the morning. First time during this tour thats happened, and I’ll admit it’ll probably be the only time. Thanks to Stephanie for that awesome and amazing start to the day! Oh, and a bottle of Jäger, although you can continue reading to find out exactly how long that bottle lasted. Along with the case of Red Bull. 

We had a blast at 98.9 The Bear, even Man on Fire had a blast as well!! Kidding, we’re the same people. And as in same people, I mean we were accidentally called Man on Fire, but hey, no harm done. Our good pal Gail took care of us for the rest of the day, we were able to grab showers, play some pool and just relax. The show was pretty awesome, although any show that turns straight into a party while Man On Earth hits the stage is good enough for me! Oh, and $1 beers usually fuels the party, and the rest of that bottle of Jäger fuels the after party, and more beer, and what makes an after party like a drunken game of Wii Golf? Just some of us weren’t feeling too great the next morning, I can tell you that much.