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Not A Lightsaber, But It Can Fry An Egg

I’m a huge fan of things that can set stuff ablaze, so you can imagine my glee when I stumbled across this flashlight from Wicked Lasers that can focus it’s emitted light in to a beam that is hot enough to ignite a forest fire.

The flashlight has an internal rechargeable battery that lasts between 10-40 minutes depending on usage, a military grade casing, and a 4100 lumen light output.

The $200 price tag is the only thing that stops me from purchasing what has to be the ultimate emergency flashlight. One day, when I have disposal income I’ll have all the cool toys. Until then, I’m sure my friend Jake is silently rejoicing that I don’t. Because you know one of the first things I’d try to do is see if it could singe off his arm hair….

Video below: