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   It’s definitely been a while since I’ve last checked in here. Obviously, life hasn’t stopped for me. On the contrary, it has barreled forward like a freight train, leaving little time or ambition to work on one of the few things that actually brings joy to me: writing. 

   Not to say that I haven’t been exercising any creative muscles over the last months. Back in the spring I actually had a weekly radio show with my friend Steven Nathan, which was an amazing outlet. It was kind of like writing, but with the ability to cover multiple topics in a free form environment, without the self imposed scruples of editing that hit me when I write. The show was very off the cuff, and allowed me a chance to practice more free flow thinking. 

   That ended about a month ago, when our show was unceremoniously pulled from the air for what I can only surmise was a misunderstanding that was never even brought to our attention. We are currently taking a few weeks off and are planning on bringing the show back with a vengeance, in podcast format. I’ll definitely keep everyone updated on when that’ll be back on track. 

   Now, though, it’s time to take that experience and apply it back where I belong: here. Buckle up, I’m back!