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Country Roads, Take Me Home

Breakout Tour: Days 6 & 7
Main Street Cafe
Clarksburg, WV

The decision not to spend another day at the campground was made by the weatherman. The forecast called for scattered thunderstorms all day, so there was no real point in paying for another day if we weren’t going to be able to spend it outside anyway.

Checkout was at noon, so we were up and getting ready by 10. Being a Tuesday Nate was up a bit earlier working away on his computer. The on site showers were spacious enough, and I happened to pick one that was relatively bug free. Nate and Mochello, however, ‘chose poorly’. Even though the place was very clean, the issue was that there was no true seal on the doors to keep the bugs out. Nate shared the shower with some unidentifiable Oreo sized bug, as did Mochello. Moch was extra lucky. The lights in the bathrooms were motion activated, and he took just a bit too long… He found himself plunged into darkness mid-shower.

We rolled out at noon, found some breakfast, then headed to the local Starbucks so Nate could finish his work day. After a productive day for all of us we took off towards West Virginia.

The roads there from where we were were some of the most winding, hilly, backwater roads that we’ve ever taken the bus on. One lane bridges and sharp corners were the flavor of the day. The day’s rain had stopped by the time we started driving, so while it was fairly slow going, it wasn’t that dangerous. I felt bad for the Dive guys who had taken the same roads a few hours earlier, but in the middle of torrential rainfall, AND hauling a trailer.

The twists and turns of the mountain roads seemed to go on forever, but finally we met back up with a main road and then a highway. We arrived at the Clarksburg area Walmart that Dive was parked at a little after 1am. Everyone still tired from the campfire the night before, so we all went straight to sleep.

We had plenty of time to kill before we had to load in. When we woke up we drove up the road to another Starbucks to knock out some more of the never ending office work that comes with being in a band. This kept us busy well into the afternoon.

Load in was at 4:30, so we packed up shop at 4 and headed downtown. Clarksburg is a valley town, with a few rows of buildings creating a spine-like strip right down the center. The structures had a very 1920’s/30’s feel to them, their age worn on their exteriors like battle scars of time.

The Main Street Cafe felt almost like a cross between a bar and a youth center. If you were to stand facing the bar it felt like any other, beer taps, mirrors, bartenders… The moment you looked over your shoulder, however, the round, class room style tables made it feel like we should break out the board games and eat some Cheetos. (I’m not hatin’, I’m just trying to paint a picture!) Old movie theater seating lined one wall and a few pool tables completed the room’s unique style.

Both bands parked directly in front of the venue so we ran an extension cord out the front door to power our busses. That was cut short when foot traffic dislodged our taped down wire, causing it to get pinched between the jamb and the sharp edge of the bottom of the metal entry door. The door sliced into the wire, and in a shower of sparks, tripped the power circuit.
Unplugging, and thankful that it wasn’t another major issue, Dive started their generator.

We had a number of fans at the show including our long time friends Steph and Devanne. (Who brought us stuffed shells and pasta salad. Between that and the two pizzas that The Main Street Cafe we ate like kings for the evening and into the next day!)

We had to be in Canton, OH the next day, so we took off in that direction after the show. Luckily, we were back on main highways and no longer traipsing across middle of nowhere Appalachia. We drove about an hour, pulled into a Walmart and went to sleep.