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4/10/15: Dead Sara w/Wiredogs


   The Marquis Theater in downtown Denver is home to three of my favorite things in the world: live music, booze, and pizza. Two of the three are unfortunate fatalities of my self imposed April diet, but my friends, Wiredogs, needed someone to sling tee shirts and so I had to nut up and deal. The thought of spending a sober evening running a merch booth 30′ from a pizza oven was never a concept that ranked very high on my bucket list, but I suppose there are worse fates. I could’ve been running merch at a Taylor Swift concert. No amount of booze could dilute that pain. 

    The Friday evening that was to host the show happened to also be the day of the Colorado Rockies home opener. The streets of Denver were flooded with purple, and general drunken douchbaggery abounded. The Rockies had won, so at least they were happy douchbags. I found parking about 300 blocks away, and made my way through the madness. 

    Wiredogs were direct support for Dead Sara, and I’d be a liar if I said I knew who they were. Ok, I did know the bands name, and I’m sure I’ve heard them on the Denver rock station, and I had a nagging sense that I for some reason SHOULD know them, but I know I couldn’t name a song of theirs if I was being Guantanamo’d. I debated on checking them out on Spotify, but decided to stick to my usual M.O. of, if possible, catching the live show and then seeing how they decided to go about it on the record (if I like the band, that is!). Going into a show with no preconceived ideas about the music frees my mind to make a first impression in the moment. 

    Dead Sara came out of the gate kicking and screaming, then refused to be quelled as they sonically fused an almost old school punk rock vibe with modern metal riffs. The energy that the band exuded permeated the crowd, and was reflected right back to the band. Vocally, I was surprised at how well the singer was able to switch from soft melodic tones to guttural metal screams, and back, without a falter. 

   That’s when it hit me. Back in 2012 I HAD seen them open for The Offspring and Neon Trees at The Fillmore in Denver.

Thinking back, I don’t remember being blown away by Dead Sara at that show. I’m not sure if the band has gotten immeasurably more kick-ass in the last few years, or maybe the smaller room of the Marquis was just unable to contain them, so that the roof just HAD to be blown off. Then there was the fact that the Marquis show was the last night of a month long tour for them, which, in my experience, usually places a band in their “A game” zone. Or maybe my musical tastes are just in a different place than they were 2.5 years ago. Whatever it was, Dead Sara’s Marquis show hit me in a completely different way than the Fillmore one. I guess sometimes you do get a second chance at a first impression.

February May See ‘The Beatles’ Back In Action


Well, after a fashion.

It’s been 50 years since the famous American debut of The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. Now, it’s heavily rumored that, nearly half a century to the day, the two remaining Beatles, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, will reunite on the very same stage that helped catapult them into the hearts of America.
David Letterman, who records at Ed Sullivan studios, is planning a week long tribute to that influential performance, and his shows producers are feverishly trying to negotiate a deal with Paul and Ringo to perform a live set on the Friday, Feb. 7th show.
With a new Beatles compilation on the way, and the fact that there’s an almost guarantee that neither Paul nor Ringo plans to perform at the next 50 year anniversary, I think there are solid reasons for all parties to reach an agreement. And I hope they do.

Day 16 – Cleveland rocks! Or does it? No, it definitely just rains.

Man On Earth made their debut in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. No really! Well, we gave them a CD, so let’s just see where that takes the guys. 

It was the best way to spend our time before hitting the stage! Any of you guys ever been there? What’s your favorite exhibit? Steve snuck a few pictures of the Beastie Boys exhibit. Ssshh, don’t tell security, whoops. 

Spent a few minutes before having to load in bullshitting the parking attendant in the parking lot behind Wilbert’s to avoid paying the parking feee. Angelo’s plan turned into making us look like fools and giving a pan handler money. In other words, plan failed and we had to pay the parking feee anyway. So much for that. A for effort? Maybe? Occasionally when you’re Man On Earth, you are forced to spend nearly an hour setting up the projector and screen. That shit doesn’t just get thrown together, a lot of work gets put into that! 

 Although it was a slow show, and not many people really came out. We still had a blast, and did manage to meet some new friends, and of course hung out with some of our other friends!

Day 15 – IHOP breakfasts & The state of Indiana

Don’t sleep on your phone. You definitely won’t hear the alarm. 

We got to enjoy an awesome breakfast, and this was actually a REAL breakfast as it actually took place in the morning. First time during this tour thats happened, and I’ll admit it’ll probably be the only time. Thanks to Stephanie for that awesome and amazing start to the day! Oh, and a bottle of Jäger, although you can continue reading to find out exactly how long that bottle lasted. Along with the case of Red Bull. 

We had a blast at 98.9 The Bear, even Man on Fire had a blast as well!! Kidding, we’re the same people. And as in same people, I mean we were accidentally called Man on Fire, but hey, no harm done. Our good pal Gail took care of us for the rest of the day, we were able to grab showers, play some pool and just relax. The show was pretty awesome, although any show that turns straight into a party while Man On Earth hits the stage is good enough for me! Oh, and $1 beers usually fuels the party, and the rest of that bottle of Jäger fuels the after party, and more beer, and what makes an after party like a drunken game of Wii Golf? Just some of us weren’t feeling too great the next morning, I can tell you that much.

Wii golf post-show in Fort Wayne.