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All The Freaks Are On Parade

Breakout Tour: Day 16
Pontiac, IL

When the owners of Freakster’s were sitting down, brainstorming club name possibilities, I think they had more than a vague idea as to who their clientele would be. For as cool as the owners and staff were, the patrons were as equally weird.

We began our day a little before the Dive guys, taking off and heading to Planet Fitness. While Freakster’s had a shower on site, eleven people waiting for a single shower sounded just exhausting. Plus, everyone has the workout bug and was looking forward to some gym time. We all met back at the venue after our detour for load in and got our first visual of the club.

The main area was huge, and the speakers on the stage were equally as gigantic. On each side of the stage a wall of speakers 10′ high and 8′ wide sat ready to create more business for Miracle Ear.

We had another night of waiting for the sound guy, so Root, Mochello, and I went exploring the area while Nate and Stevie G took naps. There wasn’t much around, but we managed to find a Dairy Queen before we headed back.

The venue’s actual sound guy was on vacation in California, so they had someone else come in to run the board for the night. The problem was, though, that he had never used the board at Freakster’s before and it was configured very oddly. He spent 2 hours trying to trace the wiring back and figure out the sound boards settings.

As the time for the doors to open drew closer the venue began to worry that things wouldn’t be ready in time for us to start. They recruited Johnny Dive and I to help get things moving. Johnny used to run sound for a living, so he and I jumped on figuring out the sound. Working with the sound guy we were able to trace things back to their sources and get things wired correctly.

Soundcheck took a while, as things were very trial and error on the sound board. Once everything was dialed in and we were good to go we weren’t even that far behind schedule. While Man on Earth played I ran lights and Johnny manned the sound board. When Dive took stage Root came back and kept an eye on their levels.

The local headliner that was on the bill was a heavy metal band that brought an interesting crowd with them. Most of the people were actually pretty cool, but there was that one obnoxious Slayer fan that thought any kind of music that wasn’t metal was a waste of time and he kept screaming for the local band to take the stage. His friends tried to quiet him to no avail. I was actually wondering if someone might duff him out like like a half smoked cigarette, but he finally shut up after being called out from stage by Johnny Dive. We also met an old racist self proclaimed redneck who was intent on having people thumb wrestle him and have them punch him in the face. (I can’t make this stuff up…)

Our friend John, the U.S. Army Drill Sargent, was at the show with his wife and some family and friends (including Stacy, who had introduced us to John in the first place!). I will say that the heckler in the crowd should count his blessings because he had his life saved by a U.S. soldier. I say that, because if John wasn’t an active duty soldier, well, he may have beaten the tar out of the guy. Also along for the night was Michael and his wife, friends that we made on our recent run with Miggs and OAS. We had just seen them in Indiana at the Rathskeller show, which was only about a month before. Time has moved with a swiftness though, and it seems like FOREVER since we’ve seen them.

After the show we hung out with the venue owners for a while. They made us a home cooked meal, and proved that there are still clubs that care about musicians and not just about the bottom line. The venue let us park in their lot for the night and plug in so we went to sleep having comfortability while sleeping.