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‘Pendergast’ Novels Finally Making Their Way to the Screen 

Honestly, this is some of the most exciting news that I’ve read in a very, very long time.

The Hollywood Reporter just posted an exclusive that The Walking Dead producer Gale Anne Hurd has been hired by Spike TV to adapt Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child’s best-selling book series in to a scripted series, to be written by John McLaughlin (Black Swan), who along with Hurd will Executive Produce the series.

The show is set to be titled, Pendergast, and season one is reported to follow the titular Special Agent of the FBI, as he investigates a present-day crime that mimics a century-old mystery. The plot sounds very akin to that of Preston & Child’s ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’, which started a continuing story arc that has spanned over 14 years and 13 novels.

Preston & Child’s first novel, Relic, was adapted for the big screen back in 1997 and garnished mixed to negative reviews. Special Agent Pendergast made his first appearance in the novel version, but his part was cut from the film, a mistake that this new series can hopefully rectify. Paramount, the film’s distributor, has held the rights to the character since the 90’s, and still do, so they will also be working with Hurd and Spike TV on the project.

Personally, having been a huge fan of the series since the beginning, I see a huge opportunity for a series here. The film version of The Relic did the novel no justice, and it’s about time that these characters were given a proper chance to shine. The existing stories have been well written, and lend themselves perfectly to the pacing of a television series. My biggest hope is that the producers collaborate with Preston & Child when doing the writing. The last few years have seen a number of successful adaptations, including Game of Thrones and Hurd’s own project, The Walking Dead. Both of these series worked very closely with the creators of the characters, and while there have been departures from the original stories, they have both maintained a compelling story that stays true to the original concept.

There’s no word yet on a projected release date, but you can be sure that I’ll pass on any information that I find! In the meantime, head over to http://www.prestonchild.com/ and get caught up on the novels before the series hits!


Update: Douglas Preston has confirmed his and Lincoln Child’s involvement via their facebook account!

There’s Always Room For Jello!


Growing up in the 90’s we were flooded with 1980’s sitcom reruns on television. Being so, The Cosby Show, with its feel good, clean humored, yet somehow still funny writing and delivery, was no stranger to our tv.

Deadline.com is reporting that Bill Cosby has signed a deal with NBC to developed a new comedy show for the network, that he would star in. Also on board is one of the original ‘Cosby Show’ producers. The show is planned to be about a multigenerational upper middle class family and their struggles living life.

While this all kind of a rehash of the original series, I think that a sitcom that pits Cosby’s old school mentality against today’s issues has some potential. Hopefully that potential can be realized.

Television Gets Steroids


It seems that television shows are the new playground for the cool kids. Many Hollywood actors are making the crossover from the big screen to the boob tube. Robin Williams, Alec Baldwin, Kevin Bacon, Lawrence Fishburn, Kevin Spacey, James Spader, Jessica Lange…. And the latest to join the fold are going to be Zach Galifianakis and Hallie Berry.

Galifianakis is set to create and star in a new still yet to be titled FX comedy series co-written by Louis C.K., which, with those two attached, seems like a recipe for hilarity.

Halle Berry’s T.V. debut will be in a new Steven Spielberg scifi series called Extant, which will air it’s first episode on July 2, at 9pm est.

It seems to me that the steady paycheck offered by starring in a weekly series, and the familiarity of playing the same character for an extended period of time has got to have its degree of comfort. I mean, Kiefer Sutherland is even coming BACK to his familiar role.

Television also offers a chance for an actor to develop a character in a way that just can’t be done within the constraints of a two hour film. I personally think, especially with the advent of Netflix type all-episodes-at-once series, that the future of compelling stories lies in the small screen. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll see Tom Cruise, Will Smith, and Robert Downy Jr. staring in their own CBS series directed by Christopher Nolen.

February May See ‘The Beatles’ Back In Action


Well, after a fashion.

It’s been 50 years since the famous American debut of The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. Now, it’s heavily rumored that, nearly half a century to the day, the two remaining Beatles, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, will reunite on the very same stage that helped catapult them into the hearts of America.
David Letterman, who records at Ed Sullivan studios, is planning a week long tribute to that influential performance, and his shows producers are feverishly trying to negotiate a deal with Paul and Ringo to perform a live set on the Friday, Feb. 7th show.
With a new Beatles compilation on the way, and the fact that there’s an almost guarantee that neither Paul nor Ringo plans to perform at the next 50 year anniversary, I think there are solid reasons for all parties to reach an agreement. And I hope they do.

Fox to stream the Super Bowl for free on the web and iOS devices


   Variety reports that this year Fox will be streaming the NFL’s 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII on both the web, and on devices running Apple’s iOS. Showing a bit of understanding of the fact that it’s the second decade of the 21st century, Fox will be live streaming the game in it’s entirety, including the halftime show to be performed by Bruno Mars.

My feelings about this are very simple: It’s about time!

In this day and age, tons of people are streaming video from the internet. And, with a game as big as the Super Bowl, people without cable television who really want to watch the Big Game will find a way to pirate it. So, why WOULDN’T a network want to broadcast something on their platforms for free that they are already broadcasting over the airwaves for free? I actually have often wondered about this. Things played live on network’s streaming sites would likely have more places for advertising, in addition to the already broadcasted commercials. Plus, they would be able to count the extra viewers in their ratings. In that vein, why wouldn’t they live stream their whole days worth of programming?

I’m betting that in the near future the big networks will all be catching on to this. Cable television companies will have to further evolve in order to compensate for the network viewership that they loose.

The Super Bowl will be broadcast Feb. 2nd on Fox, Fox.com and the FoxSportsGo mobile app for iOS devices.

Oh, and because the NFL is so threatening about their intellectual property, and I don’t have a good lawyer yet, I just wanted to say that that picture at the top of the page is theirs.