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Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Breakout Tour: Day 3
House of Rock
White Marsh, MD

When you’re on tour with a rock band, waking up at 8am when you have absolutely no reason to sucks. Especially when you can’t fall back asleep. Our typical night takes us well in to the early a.m., so we wind up on a schedule that I call ‘Rock-n-Roll Time’, up until 3 or 4 in the morning, and then sleep until 10am, or 11 if you’re lucky.

We had spent the night in Gullifty’s parking lot where they had let us run an extension cord to plug in our bus, so waking up with fully charged electronics was an early morning bonus. There was a McD’s in the next parking lot so Nate, Root, and I walked over to grab a bit of breakfast.

The evening’s show was set to be an early one, so load in was at 3pm. We rolled out of the parking lot with plenty of time for travel, showers, and a healthy workout. After the dailies, we got to the club shortly after Dive did so we parked beside them and waited for the venue people to show up and let us in. Once load in was finally able to be complete we all had some time to kill before the show was set to begin.

The first band hit the stage at 6pm so most of us went in to check them out. As their second song was ending it seemed as if the lighting guy finally started doing his job because there appeared to be a strobe effect happening from the second floor. Only it wasn’t. In reality, sparks were flying from an upper room, followed by the bright flicker of flames as something in the electrical room caught fire. Once the initial shock passed, the venue employees bolted across the floor and up the stair to assess the situation. By the time they got up there the fire had died out leaving behind a melted and scorched circuit breaker panel. One of the breakers apparently tripped but was faulty so it shorted out, melting wiring and burning a hole through the metal breaker box. The show was shut down and everything was put on hold until the venue’s owner could show up to give his summation of the situation.

The owner made the call to cancel the show completely about an hour later despite our efforts to find a way to make the show go on. We were prepared to do whatever necessary to make things work, but like that perpetually disliked Dr. on every tv medical drama, in my opinion he gave up too easy.

Left with it being 7pm and us not having a show, we decided to head on over to Maryland Live!, which is a casino in Hanover, MD, so Mochello could spend some time “working” at the poker tables. We all waked in to the casino with him to check it out. The place was very shiny and new, everything looked as if it had just been taken out of the box. Out of curiosity Nate and I walked by the craps and blackjack tables and to our surprise found nothing under a $25 buy in. I looked around and saw that the place was packed, and immediately felt sick about the amount of money that was just being pissed away before my eyes. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve gone and had fun at a casino before, but when you can’t play a few hands of something without maxing out your credit cards, mortgaging your house, and selling a kidney… well, that’s not my kind of fun.

Literally right next door to the casino was a huge mall, inside which was the temple of Anubis… Ok, not quite. There was, however, a facsimile of such in the form of a movie theater called the Cinemark Egyptian 24. The whole wing of the mall that the theater was in was designed as an Egyptian temple, inside and out. Outside, huge columns lines the path to the front door, with giant statues of different gods standing watch as you enter. The exterior walls of the building were stuccoed to resemble the huge stone blocks that comprise ancient Egyptian temples. Inside, hieroglyphs covered the walls and interior columns. More statues were placed about, making the experience complete.

Nate and I decided to go see the new X-Men movie (which was great!), while Root and Stevie G went back to the bus to get a jump on the sleepage. The movie got over just before 3am, so once we back to the bus sleep came quick as could be.